MC Hoang Linh started to scratch his mistake


Recently, MC Hoang Linh has made a sudden impression of the people's opinion when they put the status onwards that many people know that their relationship is no longer sweet to the next door to second husband, Tran Manh Hung.

Following social network mood subdivision, MC We are soldiers Choose to be as long as your person is & # 39; refusing to break up.

In terms of the reasons to hear, Manh Hung said he had a long business trip, but because Hoang Linh did not want him to "angry and angry."

"Since I had to go abroad for a week, Linh did not want me to go and I could not live in the home and she was angry, and so he was selling car pre wild to do that. We have no problem, "said Hung.

When asked about her plan to do well with her family after the trip, Hung said: "I know my wife, but when I'm wild, I will not stop me, but It will be cool within a few days. Then there will be no access, but there will be no Spirit in what he said on Facebook. "

His sweethearted wife at MC Hoang Linh took his excuse.

A few hours ago, on his personal page, Manh Hung filmed a sweet excuse to his wife: "Sorry a woman, because her husband is foolish at all! The person knows Her husband's health. A woman was not as good as she wanted to take her trip to this time.

But my wife is happy, the food here is very handsome! The person will look after himself when he is away from his wife! The person expects to complete the work that is quick to return to our home, he loves him and his; lamenting his wife "South Westerly

Many fans do not cure them quickly.

So, why is Hoang Linh MC angry, the money was broken because she was worried about her husband's health. However, due to work, he decided to go. Mr Hung has a long journey in Palestine.

Without reporting, as well as treating both quickly, others expressed Hung's genuine opposition and philanthropy for his wife.

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