MC Mirella goes to Paraná to help someone who has been modeled by stealing food


MC Mirella it gave a lesson to people who say that funk gives nothing to the world.

The funkeira was transported by a man who was caught stealing food from the market in Matinhos, Paraná. She was filmed while under the influence of the owner of the center. He came to attack the man Vanderlei.

After the viralizar video, Mirella started trying to find the man to help him, asking for help in the social networks. It wasn't long till someone appeared right. "Well, I'm posting this video in a Feed to tell you I'm stopping everything and going against it!"he wrote an update on the situation at this Thursday's break (28)."What is humbling that has gone through hunger?he said he said.

On the afternoon of the same day, she decided to start a new photo by Mr. Vanderlei, who said he would help the man. "One time I was told that this world was not as good as kindness. But I have to keep the relationship spread where I go. I have to play my part! #TodosPorVanderlei Look, I had to meet Mr Vanderlei and I'm going to help him".

In comments, the actor will be an actor Carlinhos Maia supporting the funkeira: " tYou know the best thing on the internet that the real one is f *** !!!he is Kevinho They also promised to help them. Other fans praised Mirella's suggestion: "I really liked it now."one wrote. t

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