McDonald's has the ability to switch to a drive driving menu


McDonald's has a huge technological step in trying to give a more special and personalized order.

The Big Mac owner includes large data and technology technology in a deal that reaches US $ 300 million ($ 440.3m) which is set to change its look at the digital drives.

Chicago is the biggest two-year building for the international fast food series. He has bought an Israeli company with the name Dynamic Yield which specializes in volunteer forecasts and “logistics technology” in the sales sector.

This means that customers will get food products attacked by a smart algorithm, based on elements such as weather, local trends, or even a car licensing plate.

The technology can change touchscreen panels, used by drivers to order, recommend a coffee on cold days, a frozen cook on hot days or show food. He could also suggest foods for food according to the user's instructions about the past by identifying their number.

"McDonald's will use this decision-making technology to provide more personalized personal experiences by displaying the Drive Thru digital screenshots to showcase food based on daylight, weather conditions , the restaurant's café and things that are going on, "said the company in a statement.

"The decision technology can also prompt and display other items to the customer's order based on their current elections."

Several reports refer to people who are familiar with the payments situation have stopped US $ 300m to get the company.

Macic rarely works in this way, and the company's biggest purchase is the Boston Market since 1999, having acquired Boston Market.

McDonald examined the technology of some of his US stores last year and will start rolling it out in US driveways in 2019 before extending its use "to other major international markets". ".

The fast food chain is also working on adding the system to its self-ordering booth and mobile app.

“With this building we are building both our capacity to increase the role of technology and data that will increase the future and the speed at which we can create more personalized experiences for our audiences. We used, ”said Steve Easterbrook, president and chief executive officer of McDonald's Corporation.

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