McLaren is the next OnePlus distribution


In the Lamborghini, Ferrari and Design Porsche vapor vouchers made by technology companies that should be better informed, OnePlus launched a launch event to cooperate with & # 39; supercar creator in the UK, McLaren. The largest page set for the event, scheduled for the 11th of December, leaves a little doubt about the content the news might have, with the url & # 39; read "mclaren-6t".

OnePlus has not been away from doing current editions of its smartphones, after a version of the " Star Wars words as well as the Avengers organization of its main device at the time. The tagline behavior "quick welcome" can expect the McLaren 6T to see that the most fastest and best response is the usual OnePlus 6P; Given, although it seems that it is carried with a small amount of RAM and storage numbers that are sufficiently suited to the marking page and guaranteed -uppling and matching. McLaren's name is colored when launching new cars orange, so there is a good chance to do so; featured on the McLaren 6T. We will definitely know in a couple of weeks.

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