MDC discusses xenophobic attacks in South Africa


The Democratic Opposition Campaign has raised concerns about the statements that local South Africans are attacking the Zimbabwean attack which is invading new attacks.

MDC National Speaker Jacob Mafume, said: "The MDC is highly committed to the increase in xenophobic attacks on foreign Nations in South Africa especially Zimbabweans. We are aware that immigration issues have arrived. be an election item both on domestic and foreign policy. '

Mafume appealed to South Africa to give a sympathy to Zimbabwe who still laments the victims of Cyclone Idai.

“Our party… is drawing back to the South African conscience, especially those in circumstances where the authority is of the view that our country still saves the lives of citizens who have disappeared in the visits. T not over recently. the people on the campaign route can be careful when dealing with the issues they might feel and put up pressure. ”

Reports from South Africa show that three attacks were proved dead because of the attacks and hundreds were displaced in the KwaZulu Natal Province.

The attacks come after the National Congress in Africa has been devolved and the Opposition Democratic Alliance has been making concerned remarks against the foreigners at the campaign's speeches.

President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa warned against foreigners and as a result the people and police in Mpumalanga Province could then go shopping and attack foreigners.

"This is why the MDC has consistently encouraged the South African government to take possession of the Zimbabwean crisis, in particular allowing negotiations to halt the continuing political and socio-economic crisis," she said. T "said Mafume.

"A conversation based on the five-point plan explained by President Chamisa will bring about sustainable reform and will bring Zimbabwe on a route to recovery.

"Finally, the MDC asks the Zimbabwean Ambassador in South Africa to be proactive in ensuring the safety of Zimbabweans in South Africa."

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