MDS: resourcing to enable the use of Mac T2


Twocanoes has completed MacDeployStick, his facility to easily reconcile new Macs, including those with T2. This time, the software has been renamed MDS, because its skills go beyond the creation of a machine, and an optional offer is paid with it. MDS remains open and open, but if necessary, the publisher can issue bills of support starting at $ 49.99.

MDS was designed to meet Mac T2 (iMac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini 2018) issues that cannot be settled on NetBoot, that is from starting from a network number. The device allows you to create a installer that can be flown from a USB flash drive or a disk-stored picture on a server. The activity is explained on the publisher's website. MDS macOS needs Mojave.

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