Measles: 8 myths about vaccines that can expose new breaches of easy diseases


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One of the reasons for a new bankruptcy is a reduction in people who have been vaccinated; pronounced breeding ground, warning to WHO.

Filipinans are the ultimate country that identifies a breach; measles.

Last week, the health authorities reported that the number of cases had risen by 74% compared to 2018.

Viral disease is extremely infectious, The life of 111,000 people completed throughout the world in 2017, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Everything despite being an easy disease to be prevented by vaccination.

In its latest report, published in November, WHO said unhappy, increase beautiful news about vaccines and the fall or poor effect of some health systems has been to create proofs to explain the rise of 30% of global issues across the years 2016 and 2017.

The United States, Canada, America, Latin America, Europe and the East Midlands division recorded the highest rise in cases. The United States is one of the countries where the anti-virus vaccination is stronger.

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And that is There is still a legend about vaccines, notwithstanding the scientific evidence of its benefits. These are some of the most prominent items.

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There are several studies that have denied that some of the vaccines are associated with autism, but the legend continues.

1. "Immunization can cause stress"

The levels vaccine vaccine vaccine in the western countries in the decades; went back to a large extent to the British doctor Andrew Wakefield.

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In an article published in 1997 in the prestigious medicine magazine The Lancet, Wakefield said that her vaccine was against her; crusher, print and rubella (known as MMR) related to the rise of autism issues among the British children.

Since then, people Investigations have rejected any causal rupture between MMR and autism: The Lancet he went out and Wakefield was abolished from the United Kingdom Medical Record.

However, its claims, although not protected, MMR vaccination rates ranged from 92% to 84% in the United Kingdom between 1996 and 2002.

Now, the rate of vaccine has risen to 91%, but it is still four points of praise WHO.

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Andrew Wakefield was removed from the UK medical record.

2. "A child protection system with so much vaccine"

There are at least 11 vaccines that children need to do between birth and two years. But some parents are worried that they will be able to, so much vaccine in such a short period will be over damaging the defense system of your children.

Generally, there is a lawsuit, in fact, that vaccines are working to include viruses or bacteria that cause a particular disease.

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But when it comes to designing, scientists will be using it Modifications of harmful groups to, directly, prevent the development of their disease.

The vaccines will, in a short time, serve for their & # 39; body response when they come into the virus.

"Develop judgment ability to respond to an alien (materials that are capable of encouraging a defender response) even before they were born, "American painter Paul A. Offit wrote one of the most famous reviews related to many vaccines and protection systems children.

"A few hours after birth, they can answer immunizations."

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The development of life conditions caused a decline in the prevalence levels of some diseases.

3. "Diseases will disappear on their own"

The argument here is that there is development in socio-economic situations (better nutrition and sanitation, for example) has been, over time, as effective as vaccines.

And that's true better levels of health and sanitation they were significantly reducing dying rates, but the pace of which they were directly linked to the introduction of vaccines.

In the United States, for example, annual curtilage deaths decreased from 5,300 in 1960 to 450 in 2012, according to the Centers for Control and Disease (CDC). LThe first vaccine was against her & # 39; measles in 1963.

But only a vaccine could be & # 39; improving levels of survival: also greatly reduced the number of cases within five years since its inception of a vaccine against this disease (1963-68).

There is also a proof of proof that a vaccine rates can continue to rehabilitate the illness.

In the 1970s, Japan and Sweden saw issues and cough death, a disease prevented, was rising after it had decided that fewer children would be vaccinated.

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There are not enough vitamins to protect us from viruses.

4. "A vaccine will cause more illness"

Applicants of this anti-vaccine campaign will be one of their main arguments about immunization.

No vaccine is 100% effective and the WHO says that most of the normal baby babies work in 85% and 95% of people who are immunized.

Everyone reacts in a different way and can all those who have their vaccine protect against the virus of a particular disease.

But the only reason why people who are immunized are more and more; getting sick compared to those who have just taken into account because many others are getting a vaccine than those who do not.

If we look the number in percentage terms, we find that the level of patients is significantly higher among people who decide not to be in a position; immunized.

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Medicines are still part of the medicine industry, but not the main place.

5. "Vaccines are being promoted by major medicine companies"

WHO The economist Miloud Kadar believes that the global vaccine market was around US $ 24 billion in 2013.

there was only 3% of the global global medicine market.

In recent years, its market has had a new impact as a result of the expansion of vaccine programs in new countries such as China, and the decision of many wealthy people to support vaccine research and development, such as Bill Gates, a Microsoft founder.

But it is all that is a very interesting commercial humanity in a & # 39; getting a vaccine, because He is very expensive.

An analysis carried out in 2016 by the American University, John Hopkins, expected to be Saving $ 16 in medical care, wages and declines caused by someone to suffer or suffer from, Vaccinating in the 94 countries with the lowest income in the world. die for disease

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Some diseases dominated by developed countries are very dangerous in developing countries.

6. "This disease is no longer in my country, so I do not have to vaccinate"

Although vaccines have reduced the number of preventable diseases in many countries, it does not mean that they are under global control.

Some are still common, or even endemic, in other parts of the world. And thanks to him, these diseases they can be easy to expand and causes in other countries where vaccine is so effective.

Curricular cases in Europe, for example, were in fact; a problem between 2017 and 2018 and reached almost 83,000 people affected by this infectious disease, the highest in this decade.

7. "An unsafe vaccine is in"

Many parents are also concerned that there are material in vaccines such as formaldehyde, mercury and aluminum.

These parts are harmful if spent very high levels, but not in the proportion that a & # 39; appear in the vaccines.

According to United States Food and Drug Administration, a normal vaccine that uses mercury compounds of 25 micrograms for a 0.5 milliliters drive. 85 tonnes are the only mercury of mercury.

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In Pakistan, Afghanistan or Nigeria, there will be frequent attacks on health workers.

8. "They are a quiz in the West"

The belief that vaccines are part of it stone of the western world to limit certain numbers to continue.

In northern Nigeria, the anti-polio resistance is very difficult because its local community believes that a vaccine can cause abuse in girls or girls; HIV virus distribution.

It's common there attacks against health workers who works in the area.

In Afghanistan and Pakistan, coupled with Nigeria, are the only countries where polio virus is still endemic, there are the same legends.

And it does not really help to avoid the rationale for some vaccine programs completely.

In March 2011, the United States Central Intelligence Group (CIA) organized campaign wrong of hepatitis B vaccinein Pakistan in an effort to collect DNA to find Al Qaeda's director, Osama bin Laden, and find where he was.

Ultimately, its seduction and the resilience of the vaccines were found, in a country where the cover is already very weak, increased even more.

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