Measles spread across the world. What steps are taken in different countries



Lots of things are happening around the world. measles. On Wednesday in one of the USA states, they declared a crisis situation, in the Ukraine, the highest number of cases over the past 10 years, cases of disease from the beginning of the year recorded in Russia. including in Moscow's maternity hospital and HSE.

State of emergency in the US

In the state New York as a result of an outbreak of an emergency situation. Since October 153 cases of measles in Rockland County have been reported with a population of 300,000 people.

Authorities imposed a fine of $ 500 and imprisonment for up to six months for displaying an unqualified person in public places. Over the next 30 days, there is a ban on interpreters who have not been immunized unattended in schools, shopping centers, restaurants and places of worship. This decision was taken after the disease started in Washington, California, Texas and Illinois.

"We don't discuss it, come again."

In recent years the number of vaccines has fallen steadily in the USA. Parents refuse vaccines for philosophical or religious reasons, or because of false beliefs that adversely affect vaccines.

Many of the issues in Rockland, as told by The New York Times, are about very drug-free communities in which no more than 6,000 children are immunized. Over the last six months, over 17,000 vaccines have been made, but this has not helped prevent the spread of disease.

The Rockland children can't uniquely appear in public without an adult
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Rocky's leader Ed Day said it was a "health crisis". He said local residents were meeting American doctors, saying it was "inappropriate and reckless":

When medical staff came to the homes of the infected ones, they were told: “We don't talk about this, please come forward again.

Local newspaper editor Rockland County Times told the BBC the first six months ago had statements, and since then the number of local population cases has steadily increased t , despite the efforts of authorities to request religious communities to be vaccinated: t

Approximately 50-60% of younger generation in religious communities have immunized, but this is not enough.

Measles around the world

The number of cases in Europe in 2018 reached a record in the last 10 years. According to the World Health Organization, in 2018, 72 people died from measles in Europe, with over 82,000 people receiving the infection. Cases of the disease were recorded in 47 of 53 European countries. In most cases, patients had to be in hospital.

The worst situation is to be seen in the Ukraine, where more than 53 miles of measles cases were seen in 2018 – this is more than all other European countries combined.

During the first two months of 2019, over 20 thousand people became ill, nine people died. Over half of the cases are children.

Over the past 10 years Europe has the strongest range of measles
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The strongest breakages were recognized in the Lviv, Vinnytsia, Rivne and Khmelnitsky areas, as well as in Kiev. In the Lviv area, where most children do not have help, in February, working on the vaccination team. Since February 1, over 18,000 children between six and 18 have been immunized in Lviv schools. Vaccines are manufactured with the permission of parents.

The Ministry of Health's notes state: for improvement hygiene-epidemiologic conditions in the country, it is essential that at least 90% of the population are vaccinated.

How are things in Russia?

In Russia, the number of cases exceeds the year from year to year. The worst cuts were seen in 2012-2014 and in 2018. Over the past year, 2538 people were ill – almost 20 hours more than in 2010.

From the start of 2019, measles were reported in Moscow, Dagestan and the region of Vladimir. One of the last cases recorded in maternal ward 1 of the Mitchell Clinical Hospital was named after A. Yeramishantsev. According to the hospital, the wife hid the truth that her eldest son was ill with measles, thereby removing at least 100 patients and 40 new born to disease. The division was closed for a time to work against pandemic, hospital staff are going to quarantine.

In February, a student with a secondary school in Moscow was recorded with disease.

In terms of more diseases, the Federal Health Protection and Trading Service has strengthened the strength of health at the end and introduces a solution to extra vaccination by the population. The principal medical practitioner made him in St. Andrew's Cathedral. Petersburg, Natalia Bashkhetova, an order not to go into nurseries and schools schools that didn't get vaccinated against the measles and they didn't suffer with the disease. The Bashketova also recommended that disciplinary measures be introduced against doctors who reported they had been diagnosed with "ARVI".

Why will there be a breach?

Measles are considered to be a very serious viral disease – more serious than Ebola, influenza or influenza. A virus is spreading rapidly on the air Normally the disease often occurs with problems and can catch a large gesture, an ear fever and an inflammation of the brain.

Because measles is not cured, vaccines are the only reliable protection. Before immunization began, more than 2.6 million people died each year from worldwide measles. Now the annual average figures, by WHO, are around 90,000 people, but in recent years they have been growing.

The World Health Organization has identified the provision of vaccination as one of the principal threats to health care in 2019.

Despite the threats from immunization, journalists and scientists decide about the risks of immunization, these beliefs will still be affected by the number of children. no obstacle in the world, reducing the organisation's protection – the ability of the whole community to fight a certain disease.

According to studies, in a community with relatively high levels of uninhibited people, there is a risk of catching the disease even among those with appropriate vaccinations.


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