Measles spread in the USA. New York City prevents access to public places for young people who are linked to each other


US Rockland, New York, is banning minority people from being vaccinated against measles in public areas. In the US, there is an epidemic of measles, with 153 cases confirmed so far, with the possibility of spreading virus.

Rockland County is in crisis, after the county has had the highest number of people who have been breathing in the last two decades. The disease was extinct in 2000 in the United States and so no Americans have any problems with the virus. That is why volunteers will not give the authorities a bad warning, which gives them the virus to spread quickly.

The law that gets people from getting access to public places is Tuesday and is valid for 30 days.

Danger of citizens, if they break the new laws, a fine of $ 500 and even six months in prison.

The US country is in conflict with the crisis for months, this is the last measure the authorities have taken a decision. Prior to this, students had no access to school units.

It is a disease that is essentially a disease that can be removed through a direct link. Young children and women who are pregnant are at greater risk of serious complications.


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