Medellín Public Companies are allowed to hold an external loan up to US $ 750 million


Through Resolution 4225 of 2018, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit authorized Public Empresas of Medellín (EPM) to maintain an external loan of up to US $ 750 million.

Of the resources, US $ 215 million will be used to fund the investment plan (2014-2022) of the company and US $ 535 million for general corporate purposes rather than investing.

The loan was signed by HSBC Bank USA N.A (US $ 650 million) and HSBC México S.A. Diversity Banking Institute, HSBC Financial Group (US $ 100 million), with a three-year term of registration, LIBOR six months plus 2.75% per annum and counting 30 months that are counted from the date on which the contract is signed.

The settlement emphasizes that EPM is responsible for maintaining a tight upholding of the quota allowed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and the National Planning Department and to ensure that these installment installments do not exceed .

Similarly, he must submit to the Public Credit Department and Finance Department in the first ten calendar days of the month after the # 39; month in which it is reported, the information on the opportunities and movements of the work so that the debts are paid in full.

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