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(Journalist of International Media Group Zhou Huiying, Beijing, 21st) The United States and China are influencing the world. The New York Times column states that US President, US President and President of Xi Jinping's Native Americans are incentive, independent and inconsistent. These symbols are a threat to the order in the world.

Although the name "Chuan Xihui" is at the heart of a US-China trade that could eventually be lost due to "Xihui Chuan" at the end of the month, it is still unknown. At this time, the two countries have made recent ideas at the Summit of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. APEC submitted a record for the first time in 25 years since the Declaration was established.

Due to the suspension of US-led headquarters leaders, a recent article by Nicholas Kristof, entitled "Xi Jinping and Trump & Naivete, is dangerous," said Trump and Xi Jinping is a bit like, which is a threat to the global order. "

The article said "United States leaders and Chinese citizens are motivated, authoritative and discerning, and both think that they do not emphasize the island's ability to cause pain. This dangerous equilibrium allows them to be shed together. "

Ji Sidao believes that Trump and Xi Jinping tend to reach an agreement of war at a G20 meeting held at the end of the month. But even so, it may not be reasonable but temporary, and it will not change the situation in which there are two major energies; growing into conflict.

The article says that both parties will be illegal and believe that the other party will pass. Among them, Beijing "thinks that a cattle in the White House speaks big words" is not it; understand that Pu Chuan's challenge comes from some of the main ideas and his / her; shows how the United States against China.

Washington also recognizes that there is nothing but weapons in trade wars. For example, it can play nationality cards, and Chinese citizens can be "unbeaten behavior" from eating McDonald's burglaries, drinking Coca-Cola, and his / her; Nike shoes.

In addition, security reviews of the hotels of the USA can be closed, tax companies will place pressure on US companies, there will be delays in taking part to & # 39; stop US factories, and China's travel to the US can pull down, and & # 39; Rare earth mines may need to be in need of US companies.

Without saying that Beijing is able to do more sanctions against North Korea, buy more oil from Iran or be more aggressive in South China.

This article, with a recent speech by Secretary of Finance Department of the United States, Henry Paulson, states that "economic tension is reaching a tipping place". If the United States and China do not; solving the problems between the two sides, the world's "major Systematic risk."

One of the views of the mainland academic community on the differences and challenges between the United States and China is that the United States wants to challenge China's development.

Zhao Xijun, vice president of the Finance and Finance Institute of Renina Shina, said in an interview that the debate between the two different countries in the system, which is widely sought in China.

He said the two systems are not different now, and they've been like this for decades. Trump launched a trade war and the enemy that is evident in the rule of the US and the challenging parties to China are rescued in China's rise.

Shi Yinhong, director of the Center for American Studies at the University of Renish China, in a speech that is the most important and emergent issue in China today lies in the gap between the developed nations and their understanding of accuracy . As Jane has too much profit, many voters in developed countries do not need such arthritis, and even a fierce feeling.

It is believed Beijing is currently in a too high strategy, it should be diminished, and, spend a year to allow the enemy to rest. (Editor: Chen Jialun) 1071121

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