Medium-sized fish capable of repairing their heart can give patients a heart disease with a heart disease


Scientists at the University of Oxford have examined median fish that are able to regenerate their own heart and found them What's the chance to do this amazing ability is also present in humans. The findings of the new audit, published in the Cell Reports magazine, provide hope for advanced changes in the life of the patient; suffered heart disease, saying the researchers.

To reach this decision, the team of scientists – led by Professor Mathilda Mommersteeg – two kinds of tetra Mexican physics. An Astyanax mexicanus, who lives in rivers and it shows a beautiful color, it can heal your heart long, & # 39; The second sub-species, which is put the caves' waters to an end of Pachón and its name & # 39; tetra dall & # 39;not only has he lost his color and vision, features that do not serve him in the darkness of the cave, but he has no longer been able to restart a device that is # 39 ; heart.

In the survey, researchers They compared the genetic accounts of the two types of tetra fish and identified three areas in their genomees that are relevant to the ability to revive a damaged core device.

Then, after them also compared the behavior of those genera in the tetra river and in the tetra blinded after its pathetic destruction, the discovery of science that had only two genera; going on in the first ones. lrrc10 (also present in humans) and caveolin.

Previous research in mice, at the same time, has also shown that lrc is linked to a heart condition called diomedated cardiomyopathy, where the heart is greatly expanded and can no longer prevent blood. The results of the subsequent surveys have been suggested Lrcc10 has an important role in contraction and heart cell expansion.

To prove that this gene is also involved in the restoration of the damaged heart memorandum, researchers of the new researcher turned into chaotic, other species of freshwater, such as tetra fish, also capable of a device revival heart. if necessary. Scientists have hindered the genuinely pronouncing any of the heroes, and they were unable to effectively repair their heart damage.

In the future, the research team hopes to learn more about the ways in which the revival capacity of this device and its use in people with difficulties with this organg, such as heart failure .

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