Joe and Jill Biden Major, their German shepherd, helped before deciding to accept it from the Delaware Humane Society. (Photograph: Society Stephanie Gomez / Delaware Humane via AP)

The German soldier named Major, was a keen start, from a powerful home that was in a position. threatening life.

But now he is going home with the former President. Previously, Joe Biden, 75, and his wife, Jill. The Humane Delaware Society announced the news of this weekend Facebook, with pictures of the two times spent together.

The Major has rubbish six other German shepherd puppies, who have received "life-saving medical care" after going to # 39; "Something infected at home," said the press release from Delaware Humane.

"When we posted a job for your help, Joe Biden caught a wind and they got out immediately," said the Facebook post. "The rest is history!"

Major is circulated by the Bidens before being accepted. A new member of the family will join the & # 39; another German shepherd, Champ. Biden said in a statement to CNN:

"We are delighted to welcome the Major to the Biden family, and we are grateful to the Delaware Humane Society for their work to find homes forever for Marsh and other animals."

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