Meet Meet Ultima Thule, & # 39; The far away by a spacecraft


Just over a day following NASA's New Horizons spatial with Ultima Thule, scientists have shown the starting results of the item that is away.

Ultima Thule, no more formal Formula MU71 2014, a member of the Kuiper Belt, a ring-shaped ring-shaped ring section that affects its & # 39; sun. The area starts just further from Nebitune, over 4.4 billion kilometers from the sun, and it is believe he stretches to about eight billion kilometers from the sun.

At a press conference at the Johns Hopkins Laboratory Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md., On Wednesday, New Horizons' Counselor Alan Stern from the Research Institute of the South West slide of the latest image of Ultima Thule that is shown to the public.

"That image is so 2018," said Stern. He built up the latest image taken by New Horizons on January 1. "Meet Ultima Thule."

So far, scientists have been learning that Ultima is red, with a bicycle time about 15 hours. It is also a biblical or universe object, which means it is made up of two different things that are now attached. The first images suggested that it seemed like a bowling pen.

"Let me say, the bowling party is away." It's a snowman if there's anything, "Stern said about laughter from the media gathered.

Given that there are two different lobes for the object, the team felt that they had to name for each. They gave a name to the large part of Ultima and the smallest Thule. The whole thing is 32 kilometers long and 16 kilometers wide.

Scientists are willing to analyze Ultima Thule because it's a & # 39; live in an area that has been largely unimportant from the creation of the solar system, which then helps them to better understand planning planning.

A formal name will be given by the International Minority Planet Center.

Data from Ultima Thule's Fly Horizons will come in for about two years.

"This confidence has been about a delayed offer," said Stern Tuesday. "He gave us a sale of 12 years. He gave us five years to build. He gave us just nine years to get into the first target."

Next week, the spacecraft will not be able to pull any data due to radio warnings from the sun. Stern said the space space would be restarted in mid-January.

The research's priorities are to Ultima Thule surface mapping, as well as to # 39; look for any moor and ring.

New Horizons was launched in 2006 with a intention to travel with Pluto. In 2015, the spacecraft passed Pluton, which provided the first images of a world after we thought of our ninth planet.

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