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Ultimately taking the 2018 World Cup T20 Cup from Australia to England, we will including the 22 (probably) players that will take place on Saturday night in Antigua.


Beth Mooney, Wick

Among the fastest openers who go around in the cricket of the world, Mooney grew up; Looking forward to male fast phones in the Queensland border cricket tour, before he woke up for his state as long as he was still in the secondary school. Initially, Alyssa Healy was severely damaged behind the stomachs, but she did a great deal to preserve her place as a climber.

Alyssa Healy is celebrated by Mitchell Starc after her & # 39; win © Getty Images

Alyssa Healy, Wick

True to the name of Healy, Alyssa has continued a family tradition to control Australia, and, following her brother's cousins, Ian. It is also a massive explosive blocker, currently in the middle of a purple field that has been seen as a spectacular four-prizes in five T20 world-class games this year. Alyssa is married to Mitchell Starc, the fastest Australian boiler, who first met her when the two were just nine years old, and played a cricket for the same team.

Ashleigh Gardner, Allrounder

There is very slow that is affecting & # 39; Hitting as a top banner with a poorly spinning, Gardner is the first Australian native woman to play for Australia in almost 60 years, First Australian-born native woman at the world's South East Championship Only 21, Gardner is one of the most sexually active sexually infected sex in the women's game, with her Ability to clear large boundaries with sufficient weight.

Ellyse Perry, Allrounder

Perhaps the biggest star star in the women's game is Perry's Australian production in both chricket and football at the highest level. In 2011, she had a & # 39; The first woman who represented the country in the World Cup was two fun. She won the World Earth Cup in Australia while she was in a while; Bowling with a broken ankle, giving a big scratch from a World Cup tour, and as this would not be enough, the author is a series of best children's books.

Ellyse is wonderful

Meg Lanning, Batsman Central and Captain

Lanning is the most appropriate "the Megastar" name, the youngest in Australia – male or female Lanning – for a centenary of international celebrations, and became the captain captain ; he had a 21-year-old. By that time, she was rewriting the women's cricket batting, ODI tons. In 2015 she was named the first Wising Women's Cricket in the World group. They chose a cricket over her hockey sport, and she is still playing at an occasionally competitive level for her Premier League club, Hawthorn HC.

Rachael Haynes, The Batsman Central and the former captain

A Haynes-based chief executive, Haynes, was built for Australia's leadership when Lanning went to her; a long-haired complaint, despite being a former official captain at that time. Haynes is currently doing a MBA degree in marketing, and in the long run through full-time contracts, has been used as Commercial Operations Co-ordinator for the Australian Bowl, the national sporting party for hand bowling, and also a & # 39; playing international cricket.

Villani has to pay and submit to the international T20 against New Zealand © Getty Images

Elyse Villani, Batsman middle order

Villani started as an explosive openser in his early years at an international level, before climbing into a small paddle place. She was part of Australian women who built the T20 World in West Indies, back in 2010. It is widely recognized as one of the most remote members of the design room, she is Amongst the most important international cricket names that promote the revival of the flexible ad on field. She also challenged the old captain Alex Blackwell in campaigning for the rights of herd, with lines such as "beautiful gay athlete" and "standing for equality" on her binary social media. In the time before pro contracts, Villani used small jobs as a athlete at a athlete.

Sophie Molineux will be a DJ community at community community program © IDI through Getty Images

Sophie Molineux, Spinner

Not only 20, Molineux's left handbag has been a reliable Powerplay tool for Australia. in a cricket T20. The winning of the Betty Wilson Young-Player-of-the-Year award at last year's Críffill awards and her. Excavating its first middle contract with Australian Cricket, a peaceful twelve-month market has come to an end in a continuous running in the world's first XI in the T20 world. It introduced an amazing presentation to her first DJ During the last week's competition, a & # 39; expressing her success to her "support team" around her.

Georgia Wareham, Spinner

The youngest member of their world's T20 waste, Wareham is among the top of Australia's incredible youngsters who make their way up from the Big Women's Bash League and their national achievement path. She has played four of the five Australian games at a comedy, a fast bowling, economic games such as their fifth archer.

Megan Schutt, An Emperor soon

Among the fastest archers in the women's game, Schutt's accuracy and flexibility would make her idol, Glenn McGrath, proud. However, her bowel is only part of her story. One of the leading athletes in every cricket and vocal activist is for a single-sex marriage, all of which connects the knot with his / her; companion of Jess Holyoake. Schutt is also a great deal of tattoos and fragments, with this Cheshire cats more than a piece of art life.

Delissa Kimmince, Moderator moderate distance

She made her international as 18 years old, but dropped off the radar after a year at the highest. She then went to England, worked in a pub, started a cleaning business and eventually returned back from the bottom, through a club and a state cricket. Kimmince is also a football player in the Australian Regulations, after Brisbane Leògan has been built as a leading step ahead of the women's AFL women's season in 2017.

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Tammy Beaumont, Opener

Now one of the most explosive openers going around in the women's game, Beaumont was the only England as a special receiver, Batting at Number 10, against the West Indies in 2009. Beaumont is a came from a cricket family and grew up under the reign of Kevin's father at Sandwich Cricket Club in Kent, training and training. playing with the county captain Sam Northeast.

Danielle Wyatt, Opener

He came in an amazing way on the Ashes tour in 2017 – he never did fifty-five in his first scenes in England, she hit a 56-cent centenary hundred centimeters in Canberra, The first one in the history of a T20I woman in England. Wyatt has been trying to & # 39; captain Virat Kohli from India, and spent his bat when the two met during the Indian tour of England in 2014.

In an interview with ESPNcricinfo earlier this year, she said, "When we met, he said to me:" You can not do such things on Twitter! They really make things! "I was so," right. We're sorry! "" Named as "waggy", because its teammates have a " think "I'm Wannabe WAG".

Amy Jones, Wick

Due to the best possible problem in the women's game, he is unhappy that her favorite team is with England (with a mile country) Sarah Taylor. Despite this, she has taken her opportunity in the Tailor without her visit, and her; perform Player-of-the-Match in the final against India.

The Heather Knight and Ashley Giles sticks stand at a cricket match in Kilimanjaro © AFP

Heather Knight, Allrounder and captain

World Cup captain in England sent a world record in 2014 when participating in a cricket match on the top of Kilimanjaro Ben, at a height of 5785m, which broke the previous record of 5100m at Base Camp 2 on Mount Everest.

Natalie Sciver, Allrounder

He was a diplomatic daughter, a youth of a Scout; including postage to Tokyo, Warsaw and Amsterdam. Unbelievable to create a new stroke between the legs, the "Natmeg" (a picture of "nutmeg", the football shift), she has also been on her face; fighting in a business with Katherine Brunt.

The Natmeg: the picture he heard throughout the world © Getty Images

Lauren Winfield, Wick

She won the boys' teams for six years from her 11th birthday at her local club in York. It was one hundred years in the total of 378 in England for 5 against Pakistan in Worcester in 2016 – adding 235 for its & # 39; first adverse by Tammy Beaumont. She first played at the T20I in the same game as the Sciver and Jones team.

Sophia Dunkley, Allrounder

Among the youngest members of the England team, Dunkley's youth, who was 20 years old, growing up in cul-de-sac in the north of London, allowed her to play a cricket on the street as a boy. She played his game after winning a sports scholarship for Mill Hill School. Now in the middle of a sports science degree at Loughborough University, she has split her final year to focus cricket.

Kirstie Gordon, Spinner

She was a Scottish player as well as last year's Ladies World Cup competitors in Sri Lanka, where she asked 8 teams from four games, out to defeated England after he was building Loughborough Lightning in the KSL. She has not been internationally international for England in the ongoing T20 world, where she won her award for Player-of-the-Match award.

Linsey Smith, Spinner

She almost never ran away from a chricket for a year ago, and delivered her international goals, to continue full-time work after the university. Her call for the T20 world sweep was a great change to her parents' winter plans: they were already held to complete the test on the men of Sri Lanka. Like Gordon and Dunkley, Smith Smith was not targeted internationally before this competition.

Danielle Hazell, Spinner

One of the team's senior crew, Hazell, was circulated on the English tour of the Caribbean in 2009 and has been a captain of both, before Australia, in Mumbai in March 2018. He one lady in the Durham Cricket League before being internationally played in 2009. Hazell's only married member of the successful 2017 World Cup squad of England, and is taken to Australia.

Sophie Ecclestone, Spinner

Now England's first choice of vitality at the age of 19, Ecclestone lost the World Cup campaign last year … and # 39; and she did her grades A. She received a degree of revenge on the education system by sending her / her; first schoolmaster as a 10 year old.

Anya Shrubsole, Moderator moderate distance

The final of the World Cup in England influenced India by the Lord in 2017, Shrubsole made more history of his / her; April after this when she became the first female dress star Almanac Wisden CricketersShe was the subject of a post-social social media post from her father after England's benefit at her; Lord, and she says "he had ten moments for his mother".

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