Meghan, Duchess Sussex's copy of Princess Diana's media show


The name allowed Meghan to be licensed by five of the & # 39; her girlfriend to tell her; the truth of the US & # 39; in a move that William could have opposed

according to Sunshine, it's a simple way out of Diana's handbook: A & # 39; protecting the great palace promises and the sailors, short friends about the "truth" behind the newspapers and their control.

This week, Meghan, 37 – was unfortunate when he was told that he did not deal publicly with the spat with his or her father Thomas and to be thrown down as "Duchess Difficult "- a & # 39; taking business in their own hands.

With stories about her leaving staff, 5m email helpers and complaints by Kate's spouse, Megan was pregnant with five of her "girl's team" to tell her; USA magazine "truth".

Suddenly, this is the news bullet that she had sent a long letter of sadness to her father, expressed on "suffering".

This is Meghan – just like Diana in the 1980s and 1990s – a & # 39; Avoiding the Palace protocol and "just the file position".

Ingrid Seward, Editor of His Majesty A magazine said: "If there was something in the papers that Diana liked it, she would do business in their own hands.

"She spoke to journalists or friends like Carolyn Bartholomew, who worked as a partnership with Andrew Morton on his book.

"She turned away from photographers to make her pictures look good, like visiting a secret charity and the pictures on the Dodi boat."

Meghan, who was present at the Endeavor Fund Awards for wounded old ones, is also aware that she can not be directly involved. So she got some of her team to talk about her.

It is widely considered that Dorak Heather is a "LA friend" named Pilates. The most likely "close confidante" is in Benita Litt, who had the two daughters who were royal homes.

The previous "star" can be recognized " Suits Sarah Jessie, actress Sarah Rafferty, long & and was the "old co-worker", actress Janina Gavankar.


But the most interesting accounts – which are included in the # 39; Meghan's father and his half-brothers Thomas and Samantha – come from a "long-term friend", the Northwestern University, Lindsay Jill Wheel, is likely to be the pole.

At the same time, Serena Williams, a popular star and tennis star by emailed Twitter, with a cup, a sub-headteacher: "Sips tea".

The "slapping the tea" is the US to enjoy the ears. Serena writes: "I'm so pleased to watch this picture."

Meghan's news team at Kensington Palace, who also works for Harry, William and Kate. She could give something even though they were – but she left them unfortunately.


Diana was the allegation and used the media effectively. But her team left her; worrying.

Meghan, as an actor, is also familiar with how he will deal with high publicity. An original source said: "Yes, why did her team not ask her to tell her and talk her out? Why did the statement of Kate versus Meghan be accepted?

"The beats were more with William and Harry. She and Harry think that many of their team are children."

Perhaps that is why Meghan has tried to close his own negative stories – even through a magazine that had & # 39; Duchess at War as a cover in December.

But there are many US audiences and she wants to make the message fast.

But, as the newsman knows, the story is just about to " bombing with her father back to the attention.

There is no doubt that Meghan is breathing a new air for the British monarchy.

But the mantra that has ensured that her Majesty rises above the pronouncement and the current that she has; The public liked: "Never have a complaint, do not explain."

Meghan now has to issue a bill (te) out of her book.

& # 39; GIRL SQUAD & # 39; MEGHAN

As a previous actress, Meghan has a loyal circle of close characters. Many live in America but she and she; convened regularly, texts and Skypes.

A number has been spoken to protect her "beauty, grace and love". Here we look at who they can be …


Pilates Heather Dorak's guide lives in Los Angeles and is pregnant with her second child.

She met Meghans when the future king was attending one of her classes.

Meghan said: "It's amazing – as a tutor, as a friend, she is incredible in every way." She said her jobs were "better".


Sarah Rafferty, 46, was starred as Donna Paulsen on the TV drama SuitsSouth Westerly

Paralegal Meghan played Rachel Zane. Sarah is also my mother to two girls aged 11 and seven.


The laughter Janina Gavankar, 38, joined Meghan in LA on jobs.

Meghan gives her a great deal of trust & # 39; and she allowed her to talk to the media before the royal wedding last year.


Following a post as a lawyer lawyer, Benita Litt founded a delicious and vitamin company.

She went into Meghan fashion fans at several charitable events.


The author, Lindsay Jill Roth, 37, meets Meghan at the University of Northwestern.

She was a character on the Duchess to become the 2015 novel Which pretty daughters are madeSouth Westerly


Fashion photographer Misha Nonoo, 32, was going to marry Harry and his companion Alexander Gilkes.

She helped her to introduce Meghan to her son-in-law.

This story first appeared Sunshine and is re-published by permission.

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