Meghan Markle's Sister Plans To The Duchess's Duchess Gift Stool with a Book of Information


"[I will] do not go back! "

The second half sister, Samantha Markle, Meghan Markle says she plans to steal her Duchess fire by going to her. let me be damaged around the same time she was pregnant, The Daily Star to report.

Speaking specifically to the & # 39; British board, Samantha, 53, who went to "Samantha Grant" to get the " Her sister got home-name, he has been promising to take a brief account of her sister's book. But this weekend, she revealed that she found out that the book was released at the same time as the birth of her daughter or sister.

The next Royal Baby is to take part in the Windsor family expansion stage to come in April or May 2019, and when Samantha says his book, In the Faileas and Duchess, dispose of storage shelves.

"In the Faileas and Duchess The cover of everything … the world is not really aware of fact truth [sic]… (I) keep back! From trees to lies … they're all in my book. "

Samantha promises the book to be copied. covers two broad topics. One of the things she says is that she was going inside the family that she did not know. public on – disappointing aspirations that Meghan prefer to be quiet.

"The book covers everything that goes behind the scenes that the world knows and does not depend on me there is a lot."

Previously, it is not secret that the Meghan family have been trying again, again and again in a variety of forms, to express their family member from the Royal Wedding weekend. The most famous are the father of Meghan, Thomas, and her half-sister, Samantha, who is always hers. trying to blame Meghan for her father's ill health.

And then her nephew, Tyler Dooley, who was even a & # 39; A star on a real show about staying away from a royal family. Even Samantha thinks Tyler is a bit there.

"The Dooley is definitely the most part of the family."

In addition to the family drama, Samantha also plans to send some pages to online bullying. She is a subject she says she knows she is good, after she has been divided and then she started interviewing her half-sister. She says he is even a & # 39; get death threats.

"In addition, I'm dealing with cyber stalking and cyber bullying with small Twitter trolls … they are quite unstable to spread flags and propaganda about it, happy and not true. They were told to the FBI and were calling death threats to radio stations (too), so the FBI and their telephone numbers and their addresses have telephone numbers . "

Look for Samantha Markle's book sometime in spring 2019.

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