Meghan tMarkle: The Birth of a Giant – The Duchess – Panorama has extra aspirations t


  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child
  • It is visible in April 2019 by world light
  • Doctors have already warned

London. Soon after, the time came: In April 2019, the first child of Prince Harry (34) and his wife t Meghan Markle (37) to see the light of the world. In October 2018 Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex, and her husband's pregnancy.

The British are determined to make a pledge willingly on the child's name. Now guide the pack: Albert, Philip, Diana and Victoria. And it seems that the royal palace is unable to stay for the big day when young people breathe in the world. The palace will be loyal to sharing images of her mother in social networks Meghan Markle With the help of the palace.

But, the hopes of the Royalists again appear again and again with negative sayings – he has been exhibiting time between Meghan Markle and her sister Kate.

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Meghan Markle: Information about birth and royal family

In our news blog we keep up to date with the latest developments in the Royals.

Thursday, March 28:

Meghan Markle: Birth is nearing completion – Doula took part

Meghan Markle's first child, and Prince Harry, is born next. Meghan, whom long-term experience as a smoker, is doing according to scientists, already prepares for every child to have a completely natural birth. In fact, there is no caesarean section or PDA (peridual anesthesia, analgesic syringe in the back).

Instead, in the UK's "British Van Fair", Meghan Markle has been using yoga for a while, and that is for helping in the delivery room against the birth of a pain. In addition, acpuncture should be used.

And: Meghan should not only adopt a personal midwife, but "Doula". This is a type of midwife "in addition to the work – in addition to the work of the midwife, there must have been at least one child herself who may be able to feel professional support."

Wednesday, 27 March:

Meghan Markle and Harry: Zoff with the Queen?

Just before birth, sources from the royal palace say a Zoff should be made between Queen and Harry and Meghan. Reason: The couple want their own office and home. British media such as the Sun and the Mirror report that The Queen was unhappy with this.

"Charles and the Queen didn't want their homes to have Sussexes," said the Sun reporter. In the debate, parents who expect to get help are supported by William. “Prince William was needed to step in to give Harry extra money to build a team as he understands what that means to Harry," the writer is. T ongoing.

Tuesday, March 26:

For three years Meghan Markle was married to Trevor Engelson (42). The actor and the producer took the word in 2011 in Jamaica. After Meghan Markle also left Engelson for a new love – he is going to marry the 32-year-old girl Tracey Kurland. While the London doctors have been warned again for his royal birth, Engelson celebrated his bachelor party in Miami earlier this month. This is recited by the British Daily Mail.

Her sweetheart also identified her as leaving her: on a Saturday in Santa Monica, California.

Monday, March 25:

Meghan Markle: That is why she will never wear maternity clothes – except clothing from the "Hatch Collection"

In a matter of weeks, if only days are passed, Meghan Markle will give birth to her first child. You can also see The Duchess very slowly: her small birth has grown steadily in the last few months. There seems to be no reason why Meghan Markle will now change his tent into similar clothing. The fashion profile is approaching, according to the British magazines "Town and Country" on short, short dresses. Except: cloth of the banner 'Hatch Collection'.

The New York slab is just passing because Meghan wore black black dress, “Eliza”, for 190 euros at a charity event organized by the Smart Works group. Within three days, the cloth was sold out, the founder and Chief Executive of the magazine 'Hatch Collection' sold out. That's how it should be

Sunday, March 24:

Special Applications: The Queen is delighted to have hosted Meghan and Harry's livelihoods

Richard Eden, an expert in the British Daily Mail, is sure: The Queen has employed an elderly party worker to monitor Meghan Markle and her grandson Prince Harry. Eden writes, "I have just heard that the Queen has sent back Sir Christopher Geidt secretly. He resigned as private secretary two years ago after attempting to be involved in an attack. T . "

Gate Meghan Markle and Prince Harry should host the event for the Queen. "Your Majesty accepts Lord Geidts' interesting advice," published an exhibition within the Daily Mail. Then again, "He will have the eyes and ears of the Queen."

Meghan Markle: America wants to be the Duchess

Meghan Markle is a supporter of the world. The American Xochytl Greer-American is also supposed to be like the Duchess. It even gets as long as investing $ 30,000 in beauty surgery to be more like her poem. This recites "Entertainment Tonight".

The Texan is a solicitor and has been following Meghan Markle from the "Suits" series. The operation has been seen very successfully – even his little daughter can't recognize Greer from the Duchess of Sussex.

On Saturday, 23 March:

Meghan Markle: Does it get a twin? The British bet was so bad about the birth

The Britons are regarded as competitive. For each of the key events, book buyers on the island will make the worst case. Even before Meghan's baby was born, the British storm climbs the shops and tries to bring their money into.

Above all, the name is printed. In the main, the girls are Diana (10/1 Quote) and Victoria (10/1) and Alice (12/1). As a boy Arthur is often in high demand (14/1), James (16/1) and Philip (16/1).

Also on the breed, it was printed: Recently, Betfair booksellers were convinced that it would be a girl and they put the quota on 11/12. But now it has changed to 1/2, he wrote "Sun".

In November, a special fan's bet was never accepted: there was a lot of doubt that Meghan was getting a fair share of it.

Ex. Meghan Markle and Harry's Ex

As the "gala" reports, it appears that the Duchess's "blind days" at the Wimbledon Championship in 2016 was by an ex from Harry. A photograph showing the Meghan sitting a few meters from the British model Cressida Bonas (30). Harry was separated after two years of conflict.

Meghan may have had the first chance of a royal shoot in July 2016.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are responsible for moving

The royal couple, according to "The Sun", were about to transfer to their new home at Frogmore Cottage this week, but the work was delayed. Reason: Meghan and Harry are keeping up with new plans for their new home. A new date of remix should be in the next month. Just before the royal child is born.

Friday, 22 March:

Meghan Markle: Rumors about birthplace

Will Meghan and Harry's baby be born at “Lindo Shield” at St Mary's Hospital? The rumors say that staff were asked to take a holiday in the spring. This is reputed by the British Telegraph. “Everybody thinks that she has something to do with the royal baby,” said the paper's store.

To date, the Duchess has been considered to have her baby in the NHS. If she chooses the Lindo Wing she will follow her husband's sister. The children of Kate and George, Charlotte and Louis also saw modern lights.

Meghan Markle: Expensive motherhood spending

Mother's clothing must be of the highest quality for many mothers who expect: comfortable. As a Duchess, however, Meghan thinks of her as the Duchess of Cornwall's. As the love of wants to know, mother's dresses should cost more than half a million pounds.

The door has been worked out for 75 of her dresses: 514,000 pounds. That's about 600,000 euros or 8,000 clothes euros.

Thursday, March 21:

Doctors called: Meals every child

The date of birth for the eighth granddaughter of The Queen should be in April. However, it is said that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have had several positive hopes and were in hospital where the baby is due.

The doctors were warning that their child could come every day, such as a British media report. In addition, Prince Harry had attended the official visit to Morocco a few days ago which was concerned about the health of his wife and child. After all, the risk of a future mother is not without risk.

The journey to Morocco is the last time the child has been born. And perhaps that won't be long coming.

Mexican Markle: Confidential to children's character

Shown is a baby's bear belonging to Meghan Markle, who has given the Duchess some criticism. Approximately $ 430,000 should have tasted the new party in New York. As well as tennis star Serena Williams and Amal Clooney, the former "Suits" Abigail Spencer was invited to the event. Indeed, the guests also gave gifts to the unborn royal baby. However, the Duchess should not be disinfected – instead the presents should be packaged in a private aircraft to London. This is recited by the Sun British.

A man wants to know why Meghan Markle didn't put off her presents for her child. He tells the tabloid door: "They betrayed the child's gender." This was held by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle for months.

The quality of life is almost uncommon. The newspaper thinks it would be a boy – after actor Abigail Spencer packed everything, she presented her gift in blue paper. However, in the room the baby had been pink, roses were pink. Even Britain's betting shops accept that Meghan Markle will inherit a little princess.

Meghan's brother Thomas wishes to make peace

Meghan Markle's family relationship has been broken. Almost a week has passed in the last few months when relatives have not made news. The brother Thomas Markle Junior was also freely traveling. So it is said that he wrote a controversial letter to the Queen shortly before the wedding of Prince Harry, who is named his sister "a threat to the royal family". This is recited by the British Daily Mail. But now it appears that he wants to make peace with Meghan Markle.

In an interview on Italian TV he is struggling with tears, he is persuading his sister to forgive him. "I wrote this letter at a time when I was very tedious," said Thomas Markle Junior. And more: "I fully support Meghan and we want to be brought back as a family. (…) It's a big matter when a new child arrives. into your family, I really want to meet my daughter or my sister.

Wednesday, March 20:

Meghan Markle and Duchess Kate at Commonwealth Day

Just a year ago, Her Majesty and Meghan Markle first appeared at Commonwealth Day: at Commonwealth Day. A year later, her pregnant widow took part in the activities. But this time she didn't interrupt the two ears. She looked sad, struggling with tears. The reason: the singer Alfie Boe sang a cappella version of the world on "Run" by Snow Patrol.

The Duchess of Kate, on the other hand, was professional again and did not look uncomfortable at the sad event. This shows a photograph from BBC ALBA's live coverage. T

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are losing more and more staff

Duchess of Meghan and Prince Harry are losing more and more staff. As "Gala", Dickie Arbiter, who has been working for the royal family since 1988, said the last one. Since 2018 supporter Meghan Melissa Toubati and the former private secretary Edward Lane Edward Fox Fox have also aboard.

Was it because of the Duchess of Meghan? Perhaps not, because there is a significant change in the normal workforce. Even Prince William and The Duchess had to separate in 2018 from William's private secretary.

Meghan Markle visits a remarkable journey

Without warning, Meghan and Prince Harry are very keen to look at themselves personally.

At New Zealand House in London, the two appeared as a memento of those who had destroyed the mosques terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, who killed at least 50 people.

As the palace tells us on Twitter, Meghan wrote in a congregation book of sympathy for the royal family. The couple then wrote: "Our deepest sympathy is with us."

Tuesday, March 19:

Meghan Markle: writes handwriting experts

Emma Bache is a philanthropist specialist and has designed her button by Meghan Markle. In February, the British Daily Mail said, "It's not a creative or creative woman, but a perfect player and a keen engineer." And that's not all! She says that Meghan is a "narcissist."

However, Tracy Trussell, another handwriting expert, comes to a different conclusion: "The gap between the words is very big and irregular, which tells us that she has spent a long time. thinking about what she is writing (…) That's enough evidence of how worried she is. "Read more about Meghan Markle's handwriting here.

Meghan Markle: Now she also designs a second shower

Meghan Markle's first shower hit on huge waves. And they were especially financially financial. The event cost £ 350,000 with stars such as Serena Williams and Amal Clooney. The fact that the British people were tearing there.

But the Duchess didn't seem to have learned from him. She also wants to organize a second party. At least the Mirror English language recites.

This time, however, a little smaller. Instead of twenty guests, only five or six people should be given.

Sunday, March 17:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: William and Kate should be separated into an official officer

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William and The Duchess have both lived under one roof at Kensington Palace to date. This should now be history. As a British media report, The Queen has now officially confirmed that the two couples are going through the different ways.

While William and Kate live with three children at Kensington Palace, Meghan and Harry are moving to Frogmore Cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle. But it was not because of the controversy between the royal couples – this movement was entirely about more privacy for the young family.

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Saturday, March 16:

Meets Markle: Shock for The Duchess

Just a few weeks left to give birth to the royal baby. Out of all, Markle Amy Pickerell's private secretary is said to have stopped work. At the end of March, just before birth, she should be away. This is recited by the Daily Mail. Pickerell played an important role: introduced Meghan Markle to royal life, organizing charitable and career projects.

+++ Meghan Markle: That is how the Duchess divides his palace +++++++++

She is not the first secretary to give the Duchess work. Samantha Cohen, who was before Pickerell, is waiting after 17 years. It is said that she had difficulty with Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle: None of a baby will be born in any public hospital

It is counted by: By the end of April, the first child of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would see the light of day. However, it may not be in any public hospital – they were suspicious of being a Royal expert on the British Mirror. That the reason Meghan Markle is rich and that he could buy a private clinic should not be a reason. Instead, experts say reasons may be behind this provision. "There is a lot of planning behind this, so there is usually a lot of media interest. This means that a private sector that is trusted is vital."

St Mary's Hospital in London could be one. The "Lindo Wing" station was the birthplace of three Duchess children and the heir to the throne. Harry and William were also born in the station.

+++ Clinch on the Royals? Psychologist explains why Prince William and his sister-law Meghan do not understand +++ now

Meghan Markle: Insider insists that she is mistaken

At the end of April, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will become parents. In fact, this must be accurately identified. He thought of the Duchess and they threw a new baby party in New York. Guests include: tennis player Serena Williams and wife of George Clooney Amal. The party is said to have spent around 430,000 dollars, according to the Daily Mail. In the meantime, Prince Harry supported families in London, distributing food to students. Many Twitter users criticize Meghan Markle for his baby shower and find the behavior of Harry hypocritic.

They write, among other:

  • “How can Kensington Palace do that without being sad? Going on a visit to Meghan Markle for a party and gifts? "
  • "Suspected. All costs should be surrendered by friends."
  • "There is even a second shower planned in England. Because you know, that's not enough."

Paul Burrell, formerly Lady Lady's butler: It was a mistake by Meghan Markle to make a party party party. In an interview with broadcaster Australian today, Burrell said it was not yet possible for Meghan to say what information she should keep. “You know how careful the Royals are and that they keep a lot of records. In particular what is private, "the British Express newspaper of the estuary said.

Along the way: The Duchess of Kate, Prince William's wife, marked child parties when she was pregnant. Paul Burrell tells, "Kate had a private shower behind closed doors. We haven't heard of it. But, of course, Meghans was happening on the world stage." He finds out that Meghan Markle has a little bit more to do when it comes to authority.

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This is Meghan Markle

  • Born on 4 August 1981 as Rachel Meghan Markle, USA
  • Her father, Thomas Markle, was working as a light director, her mother Doria Ragland as a yoga teacher
  • Markle had his name in the lawyer "Suits"
  • On 19 May 2018, she married Prince Harry English and has since been Queen of Sussex t
  • Before she married Harry, Meghan Markle had been married before: with producer Trevor Engelson

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