Meghan wrote an important letter to his father and investigated with the world


Meghan, Duchess Sussex. Photograph: AP

Thomas Markle has sent a five-page letter to her daughter, Duchess Sussex, who sent him several months ago.

Duchess Sussex told her father that he was "broken [her] core to a million pieces "for causing" unnecessary and inappropriate pain "in a letter of heart.

The 37-year-old actress – known as Meghan Markle before her marriage to Prince Harry – wrote a note to Thomas in August last year, in which she complained that he did not try to talk to him, prevented him from doing interviews asking him to be shunned, to turn their help and his / her; Attending her half-sister Samantha Markle with her "terrible dreams", she knows ".

Thomas argues that he wanted to keep the letter "honored" privately for a daughter, but he is now doing public after recent reports about what is there.

In one section, which received a Post Office newspaper on Sunday, Meghan bought why. He told the media that he had said she would not tell her she would not attend her and Harry's wedding had suffered a heart attack, as she did not. she got a call from him

But he added to the publication: "I sent meg and Harry's text to tell them that I was not coming. It was too dangerous after my heart was in."

The old star & # 39; Suits & # 39; Continue to consider how he was "terrible" to learn about his heart attack from outside sources.

She wrote: "I love, protect and protect you, to offer what financial support I can worry about your health … and always ask how can I help

"So, a wedding week was going to hear about getting heart attack through a terrible plan.

"Ask me and I did a text. Ask me to get help – we put someone to your home … And instead of talking to me, accepting this, or any help, stop it & # 39; answer your phone and choose to talk to tabloids. "

The light leader was rescued to & # 39; protect themselves from Meghan appeals.

He explained: "I did not stop the answer of my phone. I was in the hospital with a heart attack! Meg and Harry knew what was happening."

Meghan also met her father to criticize Harry publicly, despite her; The prince was "only patient, kind and understanding" and asked to stop "to" exploit their relationship and the "create" stories ".

And she said that Thomas had done nothing to try to contact her, despite her family that she had refused her efforts.

She wrote: "You have not come out to me from our wedding week, and as long as you say you have no means to contact me, my phone number as it is.

"You know this. There are no texts, no calls are lost, you have no interest – just more interviews you're getting paid to harmful things and harmful ones that are straightforward. "

Thomas, 74, sent Meghan's long letter to "dagger to the heart" and spent his requests, showing his newspaper texts; believed he had attempted to communicate with the girl who was pregnant with her and her husband.

He said: "I thought it would be an oil machine. Instead, it was a dagger to the heart."

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