Mei Ghaiti after mastectomy: "Anatomy and treatment for 4 years"


The artist Mei al-Ghaiti said for the seventh day that she had suffered an uncertain branch inside her four years ago. During this time it was handled and the tumor was removed. The young artist rejected her cancer.South Westerly

The youngest Mei al-Gheiti young singer began at the Cairo Film Festival opening ceremony in her 40th session, The first Tuesday at the Opera Opera, removes work for chronic illnessSouth Westerly

"I always wanted to spend clothes in dressing, "V" The throat is open to show a part of the effects of injury due to mastectomy. "

"I wanted to spend that cost especially because it looked like a princess, so I do not care about what people say and are not They're building, "she said. "I was going to show my bad because I was proud of it."

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