Mel B recites 200 to aspirin in 2014 to & # 39; trying to kill suicide


In December 2014, Melanie "Mel B" Brown died dying by being killed at a particularly low time of life, she says she appears in her new book.

In a section published by U.K. outlet Sunshine from her future memorandum, Not true forever, the singer tells of completing 200 Aspirin pills, and she had been in a & # 39; going on for years, on Dec. 11,2014, after returning from dinner with her husband, Stephen Belafonte.

An X Factor a judge of writing, although his & her; Her life was glamorous at the time, she felt "feeling emotionally."

"I was a ugly feeling and worried about the man who promised me and defended me, my husband and Stephen's manager," she said. "A man who had a library of sex registers now after ten years of marriage – as we both knew – was destroying my position and destroying my family."

However, after the last pipe was swallowed, a & # 39; Brown said she had made a mistake, accordingly Sunshine section.

"The answer was not suicidal. I have to take my life accountable. I need to go to hospital," she writes in a & # 39; memo, according Sunshine, saying that although her memories are now sharp, she remembers "tossing" at an atomic door, leaving her eyebrows over her face and shoulder. She writes that these signs are obvious at a time X Factor shows that she was present three days later.

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After going out and & # 39; Going in and out of a sense, Brown says that she has been moved to hospital, where she has lost her awareness again.

When he woke up, his eldest daughter, Phoenix Chi, was now 19, "wild," Brown writes, accordingly Sunshine section.

"Of all the memories of all those times, the one who still has a wall," said Brown, saying "the most difficult moment of my life is".

While Brown was & # 39; scattered one X Factor looks after her hospital, although his doctors advised her against her, she made her decision to attend Sunday's next day's Sunday, Sunshine recited.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte

Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

After being accused of her stylist, Brown was told that there were some options that she would have, The cover of the bridges and the symptoms of his army caused by IV disappeared, but the singer refused to do it; wearing the original dress she had decided.

"I needed to see all these shoes," she writes, saying that she also made such a powerful option: to leave her wedding ring, according to SunshineSouth Westerly

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This year, Belafonte and Brown put the divorced divorce and all the allegations made against Belafonte with the singer were demolished, according to TMZ, which also said that Belafonte would get $ 5,000 per month in child support plus $ 15,000 monthly spiral support.

After 10 years of marriage, Brown and Belafonte completed their divorce in December 2017. The legal division came nine months after submitting for March's divorce.

Also in October 2017, the exes came to an agreement on the domestic violence section of the divorce divide with her; Brown agrees that they would submit the request for a temporary restriction order to be introduced in April against Belafonte.

If you or someone you know about suicide, contact the National Victims for Self Victim at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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