Mel B's opening around 2014 Suicide to & # 39; try in a new book


Mel B opening her self-suicidal attempt in December 2014, and regretted for her, her new memory.

The 43-year-old Spice Girls previous singer X Factor U.K. judge and America's Got Talent a judge had referred to the event in the 2017 court record against now-ex Stephen Belafonte, who asked her of abuse and she was the youngest of her three daughters. In her book Not true forever, who was appointed to resign on November 27, Mel describes his self-destructive effort in a more precise way, remember how 200 pills of Aspirin were swallowed.

"" Now what will happen, Melanie? STOP! "As soon as I finally swallowed the pipe, I knew I did not want to go anywhere," she wrote, in accordance with section Sunshine published on Saturday. "" Melanie! What are you doing? Get grip! "The answer did not kill me. I need to take my life accountable. I need to go to hospital."

Mel wrote that the door to the chamber room was covered and that she remembers throwing herself, causing shoes against her shoulder "which all man at The X Factor three days later. "

according to SunshineMel B put her oldest daughter back in her book Phoenixwhich adversely affects & # 39; I saw her in the ICU, where he was healed for the damage of the kidney and the air from the pills. The teenager asked her mother, "Why, Mom? Why? Why?"

"This is the most difficult part of my life," wrote Mel. "Everything that ever asked me to find out how hard I have, how lost I have been and how I never left it. "

Mel B, Stephen Belafonte

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In March 2017, Mel entered for a divorce divorced by Stephen, her husband of 10 years, and later received a command order against him, saying he was physically and abusive . He refused his requests. She noted her attempt to kill 2014 in her documents, saying she had long been aspirin and was saved by "physical and emotional" behavior and then Sadly his actions and tried to help the police to help.

She said in her court; recorded that Steafain was in the bedroom, locked the door and told her "dying, garden" and the next day, she gave her to a hospital, where she had security to her & # 39; protect his door.

Mel released one X Factor appeared after her hospital but decided to attend the weekend and chose to cost a sleeveless clothing that would show her to go to the hospital. bankruptcy and IV symptoms in hospital. She decided not to set her wedding ring.

"I sent my message to Stephen," she wrote. "I do not have to go back. I'm going to leave it, get a divorce. I am going to save it."

Mel and Steafan reached a private home over their domestic violence requests by the end of 2017.

Mel's hospital was reported in the newspapers when it happened. It was said at the time that he was cured to suspect ulcer ulcer.

according to Sunshine, she wrote in her book after she was in hospital, and she took her X-Factor co-star Simon Cowell, who lost "terrible, just calm, as he knew that I need to do it." She also said she was with Spice Girls-Victoria Beckham, The Geri Halliwell, The Emma Bunton and Mel C she reached her.

"I can not talk to them," she wrote. "I was not ready, and I was awful too. My family got to watch me, but I was the last people I wanted to see. I still caught it behind wall of offense, shameless and worthless. Hit in the past, but scratch its spread. "

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