Melao raised her new collection of Code of Innovation in full dress


November 26, 2018 12:21 PM
Updated on November 26, 2018 3:52 PM

Guest hospitality, glamor, music and guests, the Melao team brought their new "Code of Glass" collection to the media at Los Galpones Arts Center, based in Los Dos Caminos.

Clothes to & # 39; New year's collection was 2018 that was over the purple, green, yellow, green, orange, black and white. Pieces and innovative prints with mesh details.

The fabric was preserved with the merging of the modules in the "fun player" move, which is including clothing with sports shoes, gold tools made in leaflet form.

María Fernanda Vera, the director of Melao, said in an interview with them The National Net info about the new launch of their shop.

"With this new collection we want a brand of clothing that accompanies women, we have innovative tools with lots of tools and colors, and we provide New product with motto, "he said.

Vera noted that he was honored to launch their suggestions in a swimwear after the woman's body was learning for a while.

"We complain about technology ideas, this is about exploring all the fiber technology movements that we represent with a military case, "he said.

Vera explained that they want users to show innovative innovations in the brand with the website that has national and international vessels available. "Here we have Melao with just one click."

He said they wanted to showcase the new collection on the seventh anniversary of Melao and that they would save their & # 39; party closely. "In this way we show our followers what we have done, what is our real recommendation and we are achieving it, the proposal is quite wide and varied" .

The new Melaoesta collection available at Mall Fashion Mall Tolón is not too social networking

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