Melbourne restaurant Pablo's Escoburgers are screaming a name, schedule


There is a pop-up boxing café located in the Melbourne, Prahan, and hipster-based hipster area overlooking it; mail post.

Pablo Escoburgers, named after a well-known Colombian drug lawyer, Pablo Escobar, sent an icon of a controversial burger on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

Since the image was uploaded – by the title "immigrant bourgeoiser reads that people are coming in for" – people's scores are left at her; business to taste taste.

This is a picture of a hamburger with a series of white powder (wing flour) and a $ 100 note rolled, folded.

Scour Guides the quarter of Colombia that gave most of the world's cocaine in the late 1980s.

"I'm not sure what to feel about this," someone posted, long & # 39; He is his friend's appeal.

"What is that white powder blowing on the bottom of the bottom," asked by another reporter.

"How can we explain to you (people) that DO NOT NOT HELP? Try to do so with Hitler and see what's happening. Use your brain people," add another user.

Others went on to say it was the "drug use encoding".

But not everyone was convicted and came to protect the business of the beard, even praising his creativity.

"Have fun on it. Play a great deal of words. Develop peps," said one.

"Hells tha! Drama anymore! These burgers are so beautiful! Everyone must stop being over! Take a burger already," added another Facebook user.

"Amazing look! The love of all princess who complained to haha."

On Saturday, the co-owner of Vaughn Marks on his own Facebook page says that the restaurant had been a great deal of grief from the Colombian community, "blessing the soul".

"If you can take 2 minutes to review us to restore the 2 stars we are now good! Thanks for your love. You can clearly see the difference between the people who We have the beautiful burgers and Colombians trying to have the name they do not like. Thank you very much. "

Due to a dispute over the image, the pop-up officially recounted the Escoburgers Faebook page the next day, entitled "This is not for crime".

"We are very proud of our burglaries but we also understand that Pablo Escobar was a great man who killed the lives of thousands of Colombians," said the statement.

"We do not recommend, make a profile or encourage Pablo Emilio Escobar or his actions in any way. We are in Australia and we know how we Laughing about a good play on words.

"It's not just a topic but a pop-up burger bar name. Hard to commit a crime in 2019."

Facebook was reported that many people in Colombia had heard the burgers.

"Take people up the road, rest it and learn goodness and remindy! In a few ways we all do it in a very" non-pole "way and we know we have love our burgers. enjoyment! "

Escobar has been distressed as a cavalry leader of Medellin's drug that gave most of the world's cocaine in the late 1980s. The Colombian cartoon wars saw the massacre of the world and Escobar was paying visitors to do so; focus on police, and give hundreds. He was killed dead in 1993.

Mr Marks said he has no plans to change his / her name.

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