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Tremend, a Roman software company, provides micro-tree design and provenance services following an agreement with Mellanox Technologies, the leading provider of end-of-the-end solutions for servicemen and data storage, according to a news release of the two companies.

Mellanox experts will work very well with engineers to use the next generation of editors and network switches that most of the Top 500 supercomputers will have; use and 90% of the highest cloud services on the internet.

So one of the few companies in Romania that is capable of performing in this highly specialized field is really good and will give about 50 new posts within his team, in the next two years, the press release said.

Graduates in computer science, mathematics and electronic scientists are able to specialize in a unique range such as quick design and proven for the fastest and most adventurous network products on your market.

"We are dealing with a partnership that contributes to our participation in our divisional business and engages us with the avant-garde division of goods services -cruy and software. We believe in the potential of our local market growth, and exploiting our strengths: highly trained staff, talented team and consensus cultural heritage with our partners, "said Bogdan Niţulescu, a CTO and Tremend partner.

Electronic and computing engineers have already been involved with the team, combining software and software with hard drive and digital circuits The essential skills required in the range of high quality networks , VLSI design and verification, technologies used in the & # 39; neon infrastructure and the internet.

"We are in a good time to develop the latest technological components and the strategy we continue to focus on continuity. We & # 39; talk about the key components, the best in the world in our area. The beginning of our collaboration with Tremend is a testimony to our effectiveness of activity and we are confident that we have "Find out the Excellence campaign as an excellent partner with talented talented talented partners to our high products," said Ido Bukspan, VP of the Mellanox Technologies Chip Design department.

Melllanox Technologies is a leading supplier of InfiniBand and Ethernet's exciting interconnecting solutions from one end to top, as well as service, storage and hyperconverter infrastructure services: multi-core and networking processes, networking tools, hooks, cables, products -bog and other crucial that evaluates the application's performance and its # 39; Includes business results from markets such as data center, high performance computing, network 2.0, technology, security, telecom and financial services.

A company, established in 1999, was registered on NASDAQ at the New York Stock Exchange (NASDAQ: MLNX) and its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California and Yokneam, Israel.

There are 13 years of Tremend experience in & # 39; Providing software engineering and consulting services, and over 13 years of experience, spent over 300 major projects for customers in 15 countries across three continents.

The improved solutions will serve more than 60 million users in the telecommunications, finance, banking, equipment and medical departments. The company will have a & # 39; Using the most innovative technologies of the moment, from AI, IoT to Learning Tools and Mic Services. The most important thing in 2017 was the extension over the next year. sea ​​by taking company 648 company.

He started on to Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in 2016 at the highest level ever received by a Romanian company. There are two headquarters in the consulting and software company in Romania, one in Bucharest and another in Brasov, and an Atlanta office.

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