Members of the National Assembly will meet voters in the Phong Dien Can Tho area


On November 26, the National Assembly Chairman, Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan and the 1 delegation group, met with the voters of Can Tho City in the Truong Long area, the Phong Dien area. Respondent's voter response to corruption barriers, the Chairman of the National Assembly said, Considering the amended law on corruption, the National Assembly wants people to take part in the prevention of corruption prevention, corruption Time to take steps to protect people, reward the person which causes pollution so that people actively participate.

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Speaker Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan National Assembly speaks at her; meeting.

Over 300 voters from the Phong Dien area came to the meeting. Many enthusiasm attitudes towards local and national issues are expressed by voters in the Phong Dien area, and asking questions to National Assembly electors.

As a result, current work against the corruption of its Party and the state has achieved advanced outcomes. To make this work more effective in the future, voters Huynh Chi Dung advocated: "The Party and the State should be more aggressive in the fight against corruption, more rigorous enough to stop At the same time, it is said that people have the right to know what people have the right to get information and to take part in the direction of corruption so that people are with him; Party and the State get the best results ".

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan said: "The National Assembly has passed the enhanced law on a criminal ban. When you talk about the corporeal law, the Assembly National wants people to take part in the fight against corruption and have a voice and at the same time take steps to protect the statements and have steps worthy of it. for people reporting pollution so that people actively participate. Disposal equipment is particularly special in the law, they have a broad range, and develop sanctions to detect and handle crimes to prevent abuse or lack of prominence and democracy. People do not understand correctly or not; participating in bad corruption. When you talk about the law on defending the purposes of the State, we are also prompted if anything in secret will affect his / her; to know the people. The voters' opinion is very correct. "

Having regard to agriculture, voter Pham Van Tu, the Truong Long association, Phong Dien area said co-operation was not to improve the quality and prices of agricultural products according to their needs. market. , people are more unfavorable.

"Currently, farmers do not have the opportunity to support the government's support policy in linking the value of the chain. It is just genuinely represented, run by & # 39 , market. Since then, the value of the goods built was not built, "said the voter Pham Van Tu.

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View of voter meeting.

The National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan stressed the 13th National Assembly on the Law to promote Cooperatives, the economic cooperation model. "I see the people doing very beautiful, but the low value. When the value of the store is very high. My home, twelve Siamese couples are just 12 left but 48,000 Although the coconut that has come to Hanoi is 50,000 VND / esteem, the price of agricultural material is low. But clearly, farmers have no control over the marketplace and not farmers are the most profitable but Commercials. I hope that the Cooperative Law will be investigated in a rigorous way, this is also the state's ambition. Based on the voters' opinion, we will lead the policy research agencies to find out all state policies set out in the relevant Law, the people have come in, are set out in law but give guidance to local people and beneficiaries that will benefit from Policy that is to prepare in this Law. This case is very big, this is a collaborative economic issue. "

At the meeting, the votes were also popular in the Sixth Session, the National Assembly has always made inquiries, with questions and answers, Creating an incentive to continue to elect voters. The Speaker of the National Assembly said that there was a question in questioning and questioning with National National Assembly guidelines; This shows the bravery, ability, extent and decision of each member of the Government. The National Assembly has committed its commitment to questioning and responding to questions, carrying out commitments by members of the Government. In this term, the National Assembly will hold twice (middle and end-time) questions in the form above, and the National Assembly will elect the people's urgent questions to invite Members of the Government to answer questions at each meeting.

In obtaining voters' opinion, the Chairman of the National Assembly will; summarize and extract knowledge, & # 39; Continue to reform the questioning form and answer future questions. According to the program, tomorrow morning (November 27), Chairman of the National Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan National Assembly and Production Unit No. 1, TP. Electors know in the Chai Rang area.

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