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A dm-drogerie markt describes a memory of different items of a child's meal from the babylove dm sign. The company says that it has been self-evaluation that it is not possible to extract higher levels of aflatoxin in some results by BBD below.

Customers are asked to use the results using the BBD above

AttentionArticles which will be affected

An article: to mango bababylove pomegranate in an apple, 190 g, after the fourth month t
with the best date by 15.10.2020

An article: 'The death of a branched neck' in an apple, 190 g, after its fourth month t
with the best date by 16.10.2020

An article: “strawberry and strawberry in an apple, 190 g, after the fourth month” t
with the best date by 16.10.2020

An article: t “The emblem of the king's mushroom in an apple with muesli, 90 g, from 1 year t
(Squeeze bag) – with the best dates before 16.10.2020 and 17.10.2020

The best predecessor (MHD) date is easily recognized at the top or back of the cow.

Customers are asked not to use the results with the above MHD and to bring them back in to the open or open for markets. The price will be bought back.

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Infobox aflatoxin


They grow naturally to fungal toxins (mycotoxins). At least 20 naturally occurring aflatoxins, and aflatoxin B1 believes it is as dangerous for people. As well as the B1 aflatoxin, the toxins B2, G1 and G2 are more important than the results obtained from M1 and M2 milk.

Anthoxyxy (brewing) has a neutral-toxin effect at collections of about 10 /g / kg body weight, but is carcinogenic to mammals, birds and fish even at lower levels and, above all, again. . The lethal dose of aflatoxin B1 in adults is 1 to 10 mg / kg body weight when imported. Examining rats (a killer of 7.2 mg / kg of body weight), it was clear that a bowl of dose of 10 μg / kg had a weight of body visible. Aflatoxin B1 is therefore one of the strongest-ever charitable associates.

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