A study at Harvard University says that a person can be more helpful, lower than a risk for heart disease.

Perhaps the number of possible produces can be a good indication of its risk for heart disease, finding a new study.

The survey, led by researchers at Harvard T.H. No Public Health School, compared to the health of the male fire activists over a 10 year period. Those who were able to do more than 40 points at an induction at a beginner in the beginning study showed that 96% were more likely to develop cardiovascular problems compared to those who did not; They can do more than 10 points, according to the report released on Friday JAMA Network Open medical journal.

Nearly half of US adults deal with some cardboard diseases as it was in 2016, according to the American Heart Association. The authors of the survey are Believe it might be an easy way to go to # 39; Managing the risk of men with heart disease.

"Our findings give evidence that the ability to strike can be an easy, costless, cost to stress the risk of cardiovascular disease near any situation," said author, Justin Yang in a statement. "Amazingly, the ability of cardiovascular disease was the most closely related ability of the fomaximal trimmill exams."

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Young, middle-aged men who would do more than 40 points points in a minute were considerably lower than risks to heart problems, according to a new study. (Dealbh11: The Motley Fool)

The men, with an average age of 40 and an average physical index (BMI) record of 28.7 at the beginning of the inspection, performed both tests; collision and exercise tolerance test on excavated mill. The participants were asked to make points in time with a metronome set at 80 meters per minute until they reached "80, they lost 3 meters or more of the metronome, or did not stop being & Behaviors. "

Over the next ten years, the men took physical exams and carried out health checks. Among the 1,104 partners, 37 heart disease problems, such as coronary artery disease, heart failure, or card death were reported suddenly.

The audit found significantly lower levels of cardiovascular problems among those with higher advanced ability compared to the lower baseline capacities.

Although the people who could do 40 or more points were at the lowest risk, the participants were also able to make 11 or more points to & # 39; show a lower risk of heart health problems later.

The audit authors note that more research needs to be done before the decisions can be taken to other organizations, such as women, older people and those who are not as active.

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