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After two hours, at midnight Eve got a phone from his father calling from an unfamiliar number to come homeless.

Sorry a girl is because none of the medical staff told her that dads are moving to shelter because they have given their emergency numbers to emergency workers they need.

His mobile phone was also away. When Dad went to hospital, he put both his hands and his charger into the bag. In the hospital, the father had no phone, he spent almost 800 euros, but the phone was not the worst phone, but the father had no correct medical care and was not told relatives that their father had taken into shelter.

The presenter from East Riga Hospital is currently refusing shoes.

When the patient received all necessary medical care, the doctors agreed that he did not need to stay in hospital. People suffering from alcohol are not left in hospital.

A representative from Riga Riga said they were not responsible for contacting their relatives unless the patient had to stay in hospital and was taken home. Since the man said that he had been talking to his relatives and that their response was not raised, he was brought to a social care center.

The broadcast will communicate with the Health Inspectorate. Its agents invite you to apply to hospital administration with an application to check the quality of the service provided. If a patient's patient service service response is not satisfactory, write an appeal to Health Inspectors and investigate their case.

The Riga Riga Riga representative says that the hospital (and not only) has developed a major problem with patients who have been in hospital for a long time and are not driving their relatives, – speech for elderly and elderly people in the Depression Department.

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