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From Wednesday, the new transport system, MendoTran, will start and the routes will change to passengers. In addition to the new routes and schedules, the ticket will cost $ 18.

How to use the internet to symbolize new routes

Access to the simulation system is made through the page. The first thing you do is when you enter a tick where it says "Click here and I know your new paths".

The page is taken to Google Maps, where you need to download the destinations (where we go) and source (from where we started).

The platform offers a variety of options, it's enough to click on them to find out which one will meet the need. In addition, we can choose the time we use the service.

148, option 7, for telephone consultations

Also, by calling 148, option 7, searches can be done to clarify doubts.

The Customer Service Centers (IEPs)

From December 10, User Services Centers (IEPs) started. These posts are located in the strategic points of Mendoza. Then, users can access the routes, and get leaflets on the paths, numbers and the appearance of the new units that are spaced in the streets; starting in January.

From 9 to 14 in:

Government House
Capital Towns.
Godoy Cruz Towns.
Towns of Guaymallén.
Maipú Township.
Municipality of Las Heras.
Lujan Towns of Cuyo.
One of us

From 15 to 20 in:

Plaza Independencia (2 posts).
San Martín and Las Heras.
Mendoza Plaza Shopping.
San Martin Avenue and Godoy Cruz Avenue.

From 8 to 21 in:

Mendoza Bus boundary.

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