Meng Tingjun spokeswoman sent a receipt and broke the news. Self-commendation: she was being treated as a dog with her money – Zhongshi News


The star Red Star Meng Tingyu was recently hit by sexy actress Zhang Wenya, who was taken by her. She was a female assistant of 12 years old. The old man Zhang Zhipeng approached the & # 39; post and said she had to sign signage by her wife, and Meng Tingjun After the event, the studio successfully failed to ask Meng Tingjun re-marriage in a fear, threat and pestilence, and even borrowed money from her. A number of paper examples were published, and it was maintained with his wife that he had been pared as a dog.

Zhang Zhipeng gave evidence to Weibo and then Meng Mengting. (Review by Zhang Zhipeng ccp)

Zhang Zhipeng made another move. He issued a payment, a divorce divorced agreement, a travel book and other pictures of Weibo Yesterday. He complained that he had a business owner with a 28 million capital before he married Meng Tingjun. According to the fact that he has a great traditional character, he asked to raise a burden to build a family after a marriage, and the money was given to the rule of a woman. "All costs are converted into my cattle!

Zhang Zhipeng said that "a marriage is going to be together for her life, so it's a great deal to trust your earring!" That means Meng Tingjun has no sense of security, and that his mother-in-law has a fighting on the drums, its features are listed under the name of Meng Ting. I have been paying for himself. I did not expect my wife to be married; removing the divorce. "It has to give a dispute for its mistakes! In terms of the cost of children, apart from the tuition fees, I paid 100,000 yuan in education at one time! I bought insurance for many years."

Zhang Zhipeng said Meng Tingyu had been ruined a divorced marriage. At the end, he could not come together. He broke the news that his wife got out to go to # 39; signing agreement to divorced with unhealthy conditions. "To do everything, she became a billionaire! Even the black pot, anxiety, domestic violence, foodstuffs and other negative items on high quality, allowed Zhang's finances Zhipeng: "I've been working hard for most of my life, not just that I need to start again, I'm a big man, and I'm "It's a dog that's a dog." For Zhang Zhipeng's "proof of evidence", Meng Tingjun's recording company replied that "the fear of The case of the wise man ". Now the person is handled by the case, and it is expected that the Meng Tingyi law will be guilty.

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