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The idols of Bonnie came out in a great way. In the "MIXNINE" show, the third place, Xiuyi and his "DreamNote" group were the 7 "Dreamlike" membership clips on the 7th century. Xiuyi created the show. Fewer communities, let them first "DreamNote" when it is aware. Hideyoshi said "DreamNote" used the "myth" of the team as a model: "They have been active in the music industry for very good teamwork and we hope we can be as long as they are. "

"DreamNote" is the first group of the # 39; idols launched "Korea Korea". It is made up of YOUI, BoNi, Lara, MISO, Xiuyi, Enzhu, Hebin and Han Xing. Feng Taigui's actor, brother, has embraced their company. When the teacher and her sister appeared, her wife-maker, Hasisi Park is also strong, dependent on the cover of her. He added his son Shihe to the scene because his father and son were currently one of the "My Superman Dad" children's truth showcase. Shihe looks so exciting.

The "DreamNote" group name makes two words DREAM and NOTA. In addition to the "dream" accident in English, DREAM also has a " means "giving" in Korean pronunciation. "Applying dreams." Before they were submitted, they gathered their strength through street games and SHOWCASE. Along with Xiuyi to participate in the talent show, they were even & # 39; s more than lullaby to the show. After a week, they went into the list of "Feudal Women's Team Assessment". (Wang Yiwen / Broad report)

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Hasisi Park (third from the back row) is a sheet cover
Hasisi Park (third from the back row) is a cover of the "DreamNote" record. Looking through DreamNote IG

The fighter (left) is Feng Taigui's brother
The actor (left) Feng Taigui is the brother of "DreamNote". He raised his son to Shihe to visit his class. Looking through Feng Taigui IG

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