Menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease



Existing women level of menopause with the greater risk of suffering osteoporosis and heart diseasessaid an expert.

"Age in cases where your keyboard seems to appear, disease is steadily decliningas was the case diabetes and associated with cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, "explained Dr. Juan de Dios Maldonado. t

At a press conference, the president of the Mexican Obstetrics and Geology Federation in 2035 said one in three of Mexican women would be climbing or breaking down.

And although it is not a sickness, it's a step because women have to radically change their bodies as a result. estrogen deficiencyand so care must be increased.

The current level, it said, is about 49 years ago.

On the other hand, Imelda Hernández Marin, an expert in Endocrine Gynecology and Menopause, praised women who are in the transition phase to harmonize, that is, when they stop creating ova and regulating regularly, they become to the expert.

To do this, there should be restrictive consultation to enable them to “get back to life, and look after the risks”.

The expert explained that the first six years of this level are quickly named for breaking down and, from the seventh year, until the woman can be named as “ menopause ”or the end of autumn.

"It is important that I know it is in the first place because the pathways present are different. "

Hernández Marín said that 5 out of 10 women in menopuse can get osteoporosis, because the bone loss is such as it starts at age 35 accelerating with estrogen deficiency.

He explained that there is a loss of around 5% of bone content each year.

In a number, it showed that the women in attendance / appearing increased risk from breaking apples and radius in the arm until 60 years.

While at 70 the main threat is the rate of vertebral column, spine-leaf and asymptomatic image and only with pain in spine condition, it is at its highest level. 80 years ago.

The way to predict is whether women are at risk of developing osteoporosis through bone digestion which assesses their back, upper and radius.

You should also find a tool on the “Frax Index” to break a risk level.

By providing cardiovascular disease, the specialist began to develop risks in developing them in the stormy phase.

This is due to the dietary care of the diet that causes high trigcerides and high chance of compounding low cholesterol.

This is generally called “bad cholesterol”, and it will invite the copper cells to cover the blood vessels.

So, if the patient is not caring for her triglyceride, she said that the blood vessel is going down to light and the heart must keep blood.

“It adds to the energy and cannot pass, it adds to the weight and causes high blood pressure,” he said.

There is an average change of mortality growing in the artificial tissue in women of 55 years and if they have had life without nutrition it can happen at an earlier age.

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