Men's pills pass through a major experiment with flying colors


The pill makes people sperm to reduce, but it doesn't affect the libido.

When it comes to birth management, women are often looked at at this time. There are a number of options for her to stop pregnancy: she can swallow the pill, replace her spinning or choose a vaginal ring, the punching pill, a pessary or a food stick. There are far fewer options for men: they can use a condom or, but – that is a fair solution. No wonder researchers have been trying for years to expand human breeding capacity. For example with a contraceptive pile for men. But it wasn't that easy.

However, in recent years, researchers have developed a promising male pile, which has now successfully piloted. Researchers have tested the efficiency and safety of their bill among 40 healthy men. The research suggests that the pill is working, that it is safe and that the effects are low.

Mun returned
The word pill is 11-beta-methyl-19-nortestosterone dodecyl carbonate or 11-beta-MNTDC for a short time. As well as modified testosterone, progestin also exists in a pill. The latter removes the blood product, but it also causes testosterone to fall down. By distributing the material with modified testosterone – which is handled by the body as fast as progestin – researchers make sure that both balances have the same balance. Consequently: a reduction in sperm production is reducing, but those effects are not going to go if the testosterone is falling too much. "Our results suggest that this pier reduces the end result and keeps libido," said researcher Christina Wang.

The exam
Researchers completed forty healthy diet topics. Ten of them survived. The other ten men were given the pillars of men, but in a variety of doses: 14 men received 200 mg, 16 received the 400 mg difference. Every topic took the pills every day for 28 days.

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It was found that the men who took the pillies were much smaller of sperm and they were hardly affected. As soon as the men stopped taking the men's pipes, their effect was also felt.

Follow-up inspection
Researchers say the research period – 28 days – is quite short to assess the effectiveness of the plan properly. It takes around 60 to 90 days for the bill to reduce air emissions in such a way that a gap is prohibited. Now that the short inspection has shown that the male pilot is safe, a long-term investigation can be established. The next step is to test the male exam with help from sexually active pairs. Wang is hopeful: "Obesity should result in a safe, cunning hormonal for men within 10 years."

In addition to the 11-beta MNTDC, the researchers are working on other male pills. The aim is to be the last going on with the more efficient ball and with its biggest effects.

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