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Andrej Danko, NR SR

Chairman of the National Republic of the Scottish Soviet Republic Andrej Danko when he gave information on hard work.

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Parliamentary spokesman Andrej Danko (CIS) should apply today since the ninth morning. The reason for this was that dreaming was a hard work. Partnership parties are ready to meet the National Green Council. Anyway, if Danka was finally preserving her place, she was questioned yesterday.

"We support the incredible program of meetings, as the President of the Parliament
He asked his partner partners, "said Ján Mažgút, spokesman
Ard. Most of the Most-Hide members have a & # 39; also answered. "Party party club
Most of the Hid support will open to & # 39; This amazing meeting, "Klara said
Debn, party speaker.

The question at least Ms Danka is to stay in the office, two members of a consortium
the parties did not answer any doubts yesterday. To decide on the discussions
of the clubs. "We will have a club before we start our meeting, we will be there
to discuss this topic. We will hear our ideas and then decide how
We are preserving. As a club we will vote together and united, "he said
The truth is the MEP Tibor Bastrnák (Most-Híd). MEPs also respond to
Party smer.

Danko promised answers to all the questions

The CIS will stand behind her; headteacher. "Deputy Chairman of the NHS
clearly demonstrates confidence through Tibor Bernánek. The other is
subject to a joint meeting, "said Zuzana Škopcová, spokesman
Party. Bernajak, chairman of a national club, is still at the end
said the week that Danko has been solely personalized solely
the family, members and members of the party and voters. "The President
a role club, as well as all the NHS messages, is chairman of the NHS Andrej
Thank you, "said Bernadak.

The consortium council should meet today an hour before opening the spectacular ones
meet. The Parliamentary President says that he is ready for anything
decision. "I want everyone to be praised, and I will
to answer all the questions, "promised Danko, who asks the president
vote for his personality. "There's nothing but me
The next meeting will rely on the trust. Without courage courage
control and work, "he said. At the opening of the meeting,
individually, the program must grant a total number of votes
Members were present. President Danko's vice-president was subsequently led by representatives
voting in secret, making it necessary
Most of all representatives, at least 76.

Politician: The vote will show what strong position is; at Danko
in partnership

Thomas Koziak was not politically thinking that there was an amazing meeting
to turn out. The problem, in particular, is the two-dimensional view of the Largest-Party Party, and # 39; opinion
The Koziak guide is considered unintelligent. Negative outcome with
a & # 39; partnership. "The first thing is, if Danka is leaving her job
The President of the National Council meant that the government fell. If the CIS wanted this way
explained, they would go to the knife knife and I do not know if they would accept it
Another partnership, "said Koziak. But, the parties are doing
we must think that the person in charge of the National Council leader
It is the target of the opposition and the public.

"The academy is also attacking us, we are growing on shoes.
It will confirm its & # 39; National Council and its creation of credit and credit. In the hands
the fierce also offers cheap weapons. He also wants government interest,
so that this case can be resolved to prevent any opposition to the challenge being delivered
and critics, "said Koziak. As a result of the vote, as Koziak said,
Also show what Danko's strong position is in & # 39; partnership. "I am
Amazing how cooperating partners can handle, for everything
about a power division, "Koziak decides.

Publications under the proposal to submit an amazing meeting to bid
the leader of the National Council challenged Monday. The reason has been a cause
with hard work Danka, apparently spelling. The challenge is already
Once at the beginning of November, she tried to doubt the hard work
Danka remembered, but the MEP did not agree to the agenda, so she did not
it can not open.

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