Mercato – Mercato: Atletico or Barca? The interior includes the temperature for Griezmann


Between Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​the heart of Antoine Griezmann continues to work.

"From my wells, which are very common, it's Griezmann's Seed. They can't say it at the moment, but you can see it is done in July. I can tell you that Griezmann is in Barça. already connected. ". Thursday, in the Dock Team, Jerome Rothen announced more or less at the first Antoine Griezmann Barça summer trip. But after this statement, Eric Olhats, a former French councilor, has gone down.

"Jerome knows more than me (laughs). I have a very friendly friendship with Griezmann. We can take this for the language of wood, but at this time it is targeted towards the end of the pack. T At the moment, there may be calls to the right and left, but I have had it recently, not in this way. 'I should go, what should I do, for now I'm at Atlético. I am a good boy. Reflecting on "I'm going there or there;", details, on RMC, the "Second father" Grizi, who knows Barça is ready to pay the distribution table of 120 ME. Willing to think, especially that at Atlético we can see today, and this from March, and the final of the Champions League will take place in their stadium in June.

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