Mercato – Mercato: Juve gives wages worthy of PSG and Ramsey offers!


Mercato: Juve will give up wages that are desirable for PSG and Ramsey offers a bid!

Images Juventus Turin

Once mentioned in the sights of Paris Saint-Germain in the movement window, Aaron Ramsey will file in series A.

Indeed, its signature to support Juventus Turin is now official. And the least we can say that Wales's international influences Juve's jump, a & # 39; becoming just the highest football world football player, who goes over Gareth Bale.

According to the BBC, in general, it is very informative about a window; shift of Premier League clubs, Aaron Ramsey signed a four-year rent name, with a salary of 453,000 euros … a week. It was not used to abandon this salary, the Turin club made the pack to confirm the Gunner field field, which was also under the care of Paris, but also by Bayern Munich. By going, Juve will give the chance to prove that it's really the best thing when it comes to free chat conversation …

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