Merūnas Vitulski named the worst question he ever asked. Names


One other teacher of E. Daugėlaitė received his strength in the chairman of his program: stylist Milda Metlovaitė, tutor Marius Laurinaitis, organizer of events, Jekaterina Zibireva and event leader Paulius Stravinskas.

Each of them showed their talents: who died, did stand up Achievement of the species that used scientific abilities … Professor E.Daugėlaitė, chairman of the Algis Ramanauskas-Fast Commission, advertiser and promoter Dovilė Filmanavičiūtė and chef Alfas Ivanauskas added to the exhibitions.

News releases prepared by partners have been given to their members; Commission. The authority for the evaluation of this work is a teacher, chairman of his / her school; commissioners, as well as journalists Indrė Makaraitytė and Deividas Jursevičius.

"Blind" interview – another challenge that students E.Daugėlaitė had to take. It is the challenge for partners to The project so far has been the most important thing – they just learned how to speak when they went to the studio. This tour, the participants in the project would have to interview the singer, one opera opera Merūnas Vitulskis.

It does not look for great pleasure in its pocket; terminology, not only M.Vitulskis is a star in Lithuania. When Arūnas Valinskas, the speaker, asked if he had any response to any response he gave during the interview, he made sure he did not: "I always try to be natural. I say how I am feeling today. "

Photograph by Žygimantas Gedvilos / 15min / Merūnas Vitulskis

Photograph by Žygimantas Gedvilos / 15min / Merūnas Vitulskis

When he asked his & # 39; A foolish question was asked, Vitulsky said when he heard the ugly question, not the foolish man. "Did you ask me what a big person means love?" I wanted to give it to my mouth, "he said, but he persuaded him to remain polite and answering.

How did the contributors come to the renowned Latin singer? Perhaps this is, according to commission members, who was a "deceitful" interviewee just what it was; doing behavior?

E.Daugėlaitė pupils needed to destroy these subjects as "Who do not die, make it stronger" in 5 minutes, "Do not choose to lead a woman because you can not stand out", "A person be good "," Are everyone from Mars, indeed, from Venus women? "

In addition to the teacher and commissioner, commissioned by journalist Edita Mildažytė and journalist Daina Žemaitytė magazine. The judges challenged that M. Vitulsky was one of the "lightweight" communications person. "This is not Jakilaitis, where I feel the ground is closed," said Mildažytė.

But this helped to achieve the job well? "If you had a listener, you would have asked simpler questions. & It may be that there would be a conversation that everyone would remember. Now I do not remember something no, "advised D. Žemaitytė of one of the partners.

The chairman of Commission A. Ramanauskas-Greitai was a little weaker for the partners. "Although the subject was sharp, it was pleasing and invasion," he said. The Commission has recommended the partners in the project and for the difficult problems that have been named "journalist folklore" D. Žemaitytė. They urged them that they would not be scared to ask healthy questions because it was interesting to the audience. "You talk to a living person, he is always more interesting to know about" raisin "- said E. Daugėlaitė, the candidate's teacher.

During filming, the chairman of his chairman Commission A. Ramanauskas-Greitai is even trying to capture one of the partners. There were few fears and harsh ideas in filming. Partners of their project must use all their "weapons" to fight for their chairman; program: skills, advantage, revival, talents, as there are four places in the border and one winner.

By announcing the beginning of the "I – Broadcast Manager" project, 500 questionnaires were received, with only 16 selected during the election. E. Daugėlaitė, Lavija Šurnaitė, Ignas Krupavičius and Giedrius Masalskis, who have a lot of television experience, shared four complaints and became their teachers.

The winner of a well-qualified professional project – won the European Broadcasting Union's international training for television professionals.

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