Messenger Facebook started to try a new dark mode, although not only in some countries of Technology


Facebook have already tried to create a dark new method Messenger, your message application.

This was said by the computer expert Jane Manchun Wong, who explained in their social networks that this arrangement is already available in the Android version of the platform, although only for a small group of users.

"Facebook Messenger, apparently has been to consolidate users, have begun to try to darken in certain countries," wrote Jane.

"They have warned that the dark mode is not yethere, so a complaint," he said.

She said she was able to implement this procedure last October, Seize her after sharing her account. Twitter

However, the specialized Android Police port shows that this time does not know the list of countries in which this modification has been transmitted.

This new method, which would be optional, will replace all the bright and bright backgrounds with black. It also converts text color, from white to black.

If there is no official social report statement set by Mark Zuckerberg, we must wait to hear about it.

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