Messi's legend!


Don't understand the Messy shy, says PK! Photo: AFP

Though Messi is silent, but he does not. Inside the dressing room, get rid of Barcelona teams. Barca PK, the defender, never saw a funny man like Messi!

Silence No-one has peace, even the smallest is not cut. Blocked people and shyness Messi's forerunner on all his life has been made by his head of house! Now it is said that it is outside the peace, but Messi is very poor inside? Barcelona Teammate Barcelona, ​​Gerrard PK, who won the World Cup

Gerard PKK was introduced this week at LaRsistenia, a Spanish Movie Star Plus event. Then Messi's privacy was denied to him, "Messi's sense of humor is on the other side. She is one of the most interesting people in my life!"

As well as Messi, he has had lots of feedback about this event. The defender, who retired from the Spanish team after playing in the 2018 World Cup, feels that he could play more carefully for Barcelona due to the concerns of the national team. There is no rubbish to be quite shy. Large enough on this season. Taking the shape of the World Cup itself, he was at one time playing again. At this important time, during the season, the team have saved their team from losing.

Saturday on Saturday to challenge the Spanish Espanyol on Saturday. He gave a humorous description of a Saturday rival. PK have said that Espanyol has more of its own funds than this year's budget, 'What is their budget this year? € 57 million? I have more money than them. No, it's not 57 million euro. In addition to that. # 39;

The words Peek are now infinite against Espanyol Barcelona!

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