Met by Ariel NOAH, Sere Kalina shows out Photograph by Bule Guys, Indeed, famous figure


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Meeting Ariel NOAH, Sere Kalina even showing footage to Caucasian. It appears that he was the key person.

It is reported to be near Pevita Pearce, Luna Maya and Sophia Latjuba, Ariel NOAH are now associated with Sere Kalina.

Yes, this time singer and singer Ariel NOAH were joined again by a girl called Sere Kalina.

Well, it appears, Sere Kalina shows photos with people to Caucasian.

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It's Calum Scott.

"Thankyou @calumscott to bless your ears with your beautiful voice. You are extremely humble and sweet and never mind … good luck to your projects and plans ahead of you and give your mother a happy birthday."he wrote on Wednesday (03/20/2019).

He also included pictures of Calum Scott on the Instagram on Thursday (3/21/2019).

"More photos from Mexican World Mega last nighthe wrote again.

Prior to this, Ariel and Sere started with the start of the recent Rising Star Indonesia Monday (3/18/2019) talent event.

One of the judges, Ariel Noah, was married with Co Host Sere Kalina.

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