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People with psoriasis should be treated with a variety of ways, such as using skin moisturizers, oral or rubbish medicines, herbs and light medicine to reduce the symptoms of the disease. Although there is no cure for this disease, many home remedies for psoriasis can help to improve the condition.

Along with Hello Bacsi, he will learn about ways to support psychoanaline treatment at home and explore the story to help children overcome her daughter's disease Ho Thi Ngoc Tam (171 Nguyen Van Cu, dancing Pleiku, Gia province. Lai).

Methods to support psychoanal treatment at home

1. Put essential food

A proper diet can help reduce the symptoms of psoriasis from within. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, adding to & # 39; Food rich in vitimin D in the diet which reduces poor psoriasis symptoms. This is because vitamin D a & # 39; reduce the growth of skin cells and affect the protection system.

In addition, oil, locks and vegetable nuts are also important in psoriasis management. It is thought to have foods that have a omega-3 fat atmosphere and a; has a positive impact on supporting psoriasis medicine. Omega-3 also supports the protection system, so a shlam can help to convert this disease. Omega-3 natural foods include:

  • Oils as vegetable oil, olive oil
  • Frutairean such as seeds, pine seeds, especially nuts
  • Sea fish such as salmon, herring, …

In addition, you should remove the red meat, fast food, transfered foods, wild sugar, … from the diet every day. This can help reduce the psoriasis.

2. Support the use of psoriasis with herbs

Aloe Vera

Help for healing psoriasis with herbs
Aloe Vera works well with skin problems

Aloe gel is very effective for reducing skin reduction. The buildings that carry aloe vera can be to keep the skin on the skin and to go to the skin; reducing the discomfort of the person suffering from psoriasis.

Aloe Vera is famous for making sewing and cooling, and & quot; Help with skin cells rejuvenate and scarce skin medicine. People with psoriasis should use current windows with at least 0.5% aloe to reduce reduction and reduce skin reduction. It should be implemented 3 times a day. The cure is to apply this device regularly for 5 days, rest for a few days and then continue to & # 39; used. After 3 to 4 weeks of treatment, your skin condition will be significantly improved.


Curcumin includes turmeric, active material that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It has been a long time disturbance to help with & # 39; reduce psoriasis, cure symptoms. Scientists have applied a gel containing curcumin, with daily steroids and low fat bacteria, to cure people with disease. As a result, the symptoms of the illness have come forward significantly.

Excavation is used in the form of pills, food or spices for food. Talk to your doctor about what you should use the medicine, how much to do for the best medicine. Suggested mediation is 1.5 – 3g per day.

Trees (Indigo Naturalis)

For a long time, barbers were used in Eastern medicine. Oil extracts from this plant can help to treat saint psoriasis. An analysis published on the site of has shown that psoriasis patients use the daily oil for 24 weeks. greatly improved.

You can also add this section to psoriasis to reduce the symptoms of illness.


Oatmeal can help reduce the amount of psoriasis. The oatmeal mixture is considered to be one of the best "glues" for use on its skin.

You can use oatmeal to use products or oats for skin care to reduce their skin, and reduce red. Make oatmeal in the bed or put it in a thin ear and put the crane on your body while you're going; washed.

Miscellaneous of mil, seisecx and oil oil

Miscellaneous of mil, seisecx and oil oil
A mixture of milk, oil oil and beewalks and psoriasis signaling development

You can use a mixture of millenium, olive oil and peasutters for day-to-day treatment to cure psoriasis. A study carried out in Dubai was the natural comparison that currently exists to corticosteroids and, as a result, this combination was very useful in the & psoriasis management

Dead Sea Salaries or Epsom Salt

Patients of psoriasis that are the goods in a warm water bath with dead dead salt or Epsom salts can help to reduce stress and discomfort with a " worrying skin in psoriasis. Salts will be produced to & # 39; moving from the weeds, reducing edema (the condition of the water contract).

You need to clean the skin after a bath of salt to help revitalize the skin surface.

3. Changes to lifestyle will help to & # 39; treat psoriasis effectively

Reduce weight

Problems can be a major cause for many prolonged diseases, such as psoriasis. Stress and psoriasis can become a wild circle with a weight that can make the symptoms harder and opposed.

As well as reducing stress when possible, consider using the use of stamp reduction methods such as yoga or reflection.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol as a drink, psoriasis can be encouraged in many people. So, you should avoid these drinks. If you are ill, you need to avoid alcohol or calf. This will not increase the symptoms of illness.

Smoking (avoiding passive smoking)

Smoking can be at risk of increasing psoriasis, causing symptoms of illness, and # 39; including those with tolerant passengers. So if psoriasis is at a family member, members should smoke out of this bad practice.

Do not use skin and decoration materials for careful skin
Most of the products of beauty, shoes are & # 39; including odorants and a variety of chemistry that expresses the skin. These chemicals cause a breakthrough of psoriasis. So, people with psoriasis should read their program information carefully and, Use of materials made for sensitive skin only.

4. Sunshine

The wear of the sun is useful for people with psoriasis but you should follow the instructions of the expert

For people with psoriasis, sunlight can get a specialist from a good quality specialist. Sun ultraviolet cotton can help to improve skin cells with psoriasis. This medicine needs a specific time, and is subject to doctor's instructions.
However, it is important to be aware that you can cause excessive movement to cause psoriasis or the symptoms to be dropped. So, when you go out in the sun, you should cover carefully.

5. Keep your skin moist

If you have psoriasis, keep your skin using materials that you have; grind for sensitive skin by using moisturizers to help with & # 39; prevent dry skin. Her skin will help her; decorated by stopping the menu from to # 39; creating, reducing the state of the bleeding.

Oil-oil oil can be on a & # 39; Skin is very helpful to people with skin diseases. Also, if you have a sporosis score, try to throw the roots with some oil panels to help reduce smile.


  • After embracing swimmer, psoriasis patients benefit greatly.
  • Measures to support psoriasis treatment at home should only be used with light issues. However, before inserting psoriasis remedies at home, you should talk to your doctor about your situation for specific guidance.

Share the trip with your son through the candle

Share the trip with your son through the candle
Ngoc Tam shared a journey about 3 years to try to improve the baby's psoriasis

In early 2014, when a child Huynh Thuy Trang was born, Ngoc Tam's daughter grew suddenly on psoriasis. Child flasks are similar to fungi and squid. Ms. bought The medication for her children but the rocks did not decrease but more and more, so that the white scab to fall to bed.

Look, she has seen her baby. The doctor concluded that the child was a psoriasis, prescribed medication and applied for 10 days. At this time, Tam and his family are not familiar with psoriasis, how they deal with psoriasis.

After 10 days of oral and current applications, the Trang Ninth status is not sure there is any progress. Sister Tam brought the child again to the doctor several times and changed the drug but her condition is not very good. Drinking further western medicine makes it hot in the body, it looks like a & # 39; appearing more and more. Every night watching the child to sleep, Tam and her husband can not go to; Keep tears back, maybe they want psoriasis on behalf of children. From psoriasis, Trang is very self-evident, but her sister does not know how to do it.

Once you're & # 39; Give your child to your home, you can enter Kim Dam Khang's health food (*), the results of plant plants, very good for people with psoriasis. She decided more information about people who used Kim Jumbo for a positive impact they should decide to buy for children to use.

Share the trip with your son through the candle
By using Kim Jum, the toddler child disease has been developed

Chi Tam drinks Kim Dien Khang on 8 records, divided into 2 hours. Little Kim Jong-il's way has fallen dramatically. Then, Tam dropped the dose to 6 tablets / days, divided into 2 hours. After a while, the chips will be cured, and they do not; leaving her car so she is very happy. During her baby's time Kim Kham Khang drinks, she does not get Tam hot at her.

At this time, Trang's child has grown to level 6, the disease has been disrupted, but Tam still pays 2 doses of Kim Young Khang 2 days, divided into 2 hour to prevent recycling.

You can find out more about the effects of psoriasis on the daily life of the person who suffers to behave. Nguyen Van Thoai department, 33, a teacher in Ba Tri, Ben Tre through 15 year article Candle lit candles.

Learn about how Kim Jong Khang's influence

With self-catering situations such as psoriasis, you should use a combination of Kim Long Khang with Explaq herbal skin supercats with natural materials such as Chitosan, folklore, three stems, leaves.

    Content of the Explaq product
Content of the Explaq product

There are examples that help & # 39; skin, to move to & # 39; skin, which restores the skin and its skin; preventing scratching in skin conditions such as psoriasis, pink screens, white powder, fish scales … Users should explain 2 hours / days after Cleaning your skin with clean water and softness.

Use skin used by Explaq
Botanical lottery has a natural tool that helps to & # 39; psoriasis treatment
The procedure of Explaq on a skin crops in general, psoriasis in particular
The procedure of Explaq on a skin crops in general, psoriasis in particular

7 Reasons Should You Choose Kim Pong Khang and Explanation of Psoriasis Enhancement, Preventing Disasters

1. Natural concepts, without effects, are used for a long time.

2. The product has an effect "inside, outside": The indicators (Explaq) have improved, and should be working for driving reasons (Kim Jong Khang) to be able to rapidly develop and preventing preventing repeat psoriasis.

3. Multiplication of traditional revenge by presenting modern business technology, and # 39; Providing two-dimensional, efficient and safe products for users.

4. A quick, lasting opportunity: Kim Khong Khang and Explaq have continued to survive. Many of these two results after 2 months have reduced the symptoms of psoriasis effectively and many years of psoriasis are not coming back.

5. Thousands of people across the country have used the product and they responded correctly.

6. Provide regular and recommended confirmation by health professionals leading to business to avoid bad incidents.

7. Consumer cost savings.

Thanks to using Kim Jong Free and Explaq, Ngo Tan Xuan (110 Thong Nhat street, Phan Ri Cua, Tuy Phong area, Binh Thuan province) have developed symptoms of illness, Reduce the spirit more comfortable.

For more information about psoriasis and cure, phone 091 675 7545 – 091 675 5060 or the volunteer cleaning center 1800 6107.

(*) It's not a medicinal product in a & # 39; This leaflet and does not affect the introduction of medication products.


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