Metro Vancouver has a full tier every day this week


"Day-to-day" is going to drag Vancouver Metro's coasts a day this week, which some people have. Ask: what exactly is "tidal sea"?

"It's not just a normal daytime race in a navy – but a man on steroids," a & # 39; describes the weather.

Although they are working on the way that tides are made regularly (they are under the command of the moon and moon moon), sea level come considerably higher.

Indeed, this event will take place several times a year and its # 39; creating large tidal seas. In fact, areas in the town are very flooding when the sea level rises at the event.

Metro Vancouver residents have sunset images rising on Twitter, some of which added that the tides affect climate change.

Screenshots at our highest beaches and help their city consolidate flood data. The remainder of the 2018 King Tides is highest:

  • November 27, 9:26 m
  • Nov 28, 10:18 am
  • Nov 29 11:10 m
  • Nov 30 11:59 m

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