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Mayor of Lima, Jorge MuñozParliament, who were proclaimed by the riot in Naranjal station ( tObjectivity) of the Metropolitan after the defeat of the series; caused considerable comfort in users of this transport service.

The factor said he understood the consumer situation Metropolitan has been against the degree. He said that the events had not happened on what they had anticipated, so changes had been made and other developments are planned.

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“It's not what I know is the best. It's been changed in some points. I understand that everything is regulated and it will be he added that further improvements could be made, "he said in an ATV interview.

Jorge Muñoz he explained that the station would be in the Chimpu Ocllo area Carabayllothe station originally decided to take it Metropolitan and not Naranjal; However, due to the "neglect" of previous trades, the section failed to complete. In days gone by, the metgomaster metropolitan signaled that the application will be announced shortly to extend this transport service to this area.

"Naranjal is a station that was not scheduled for the last quarter, unfortunately because of the lack of coordination at the end of the last season. It's not t Well done and there is a collection of passengers from the north, Chimpu Ocllo must be the last season, "he said.

"Tomorrow we will be naming some of the measures which are most effective to address and that Naranjal is not the last station but that it has changed. We have to get to Chimpu Ocllo station," he said. Muñoz Wells.

He remembered that they will be together soon Metropolitan 26 kilometers of buses need a bit of change, because doors are on the right side (to work in the system, they need doors on the left).

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