Mexican DT made history in Saints Kitts and Nevis


Not all of the saints Kitts and Nevis, according to their last census, are going to fill the Chicago Soldier range, which is their final. The 2019 Gold Cupeven so the Caribbean small island is thrilled to be fit for the competition which brings together the best of the CONCACAF-led elections, led by the Mexican theater. Jacques Passy.

"Seven thousand people are coming to the parks in a game here, remember that the country's most popular sports are football and cricket," said Jacques Passy of Mexico, who is one game away from of Kitts and Nevis. to the 2019 Gold Cup, if Suriname is hit on Saturday.

Jacques Passy arrived 2014 on Caribbean island and directed his first game in 2015. “We joined in two goals with El Salvador,” said the geography of Mexico City. “I told them that the result was not achieved, that we wanted to make a difference, we wanted to pick up the jump after that,” said the Mexican coach.

In his youth, Passy committed himself to finding football players Saints Kitts and Nevis to be able to compete with the world. "At the moment, 75% of this election comes from outside, we have players The first division of Honduras, in the MLS and even in Mexico, we find every place and then we start creating football from the local media, "he says.

Among the recollections of a Passy in St Kitts and Nevis he plays a game against Jamaica and tells that a group of supporters has been shouting "Puto" to the other rival. “When I heard the scream I thought I was in Aguascalientes, in a game Necaxa. It was very surprising. "He went to the group and tried to persuade the team that had defeated them. They realized that they were Mexicans," they were working on the island and that day. T they look at the game. "

“My best personal success has been to be named as one of the best coaches in CONCACAF, then to the only Mexican, but if we win on Saturday and be eligible on the Golden Cup, surely this will be the best of this country. If we don't do it, nobody will remember, ”he said.

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