Mexico will have an impact on its & # 39; Final of Sub-Season Sub 20


FLORIDA, USA. – The United States team won the sub-20 headquarters of the North American, American and Caribbean Football Confederation (CONCACAF), after he has been hitting 2-0 Mexico in the last game of the competition, played on IMG Academy court; this city.

There were two minutes of Alex Méndez, minutes 16 and 50, enough for the influence of the crew and stars team, who were named as the best in ESPN's regional reports.

The two teams had already obtained a World Cup qualification of 2019 Poland's specificity and did not play the highest quality of the area and proud, with very few people. coming in the first 15 minutes, but Méndez appeared at 16 & 39; to open the scores with a play on the left at the edge of the area and benefit the United States

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The guest was looking for more goals and was close, but Efona Orona saved the line at minute 26; The Tricolor started a little on the court and began to stop Brady Scott's visit, but he was attacked by him; gauger visited José Macías nearby.

In correspondence, the "Tri" came out; Finding the agent, but they did not get another ticket against themselves, and after playing on his / her. wall inside the area he hit Carlos Higuera to achieve his second goal of the meeting.

Mexico did not give up and tried to create a risk, but Macías and Diego Lainez did not find out the goal to go to; disturbance of distances, even the American protection that was rescued in the auction line of Guadalajara guns.

But to look for the goals that the Americans, who were with Higuera, were avoided in at least a few times the score was harder for the winners. Suffering Diego Lainez, the most disregardist in Mexico, continued failures and a claim, which warned him.

At the end, the scout did not move and the success and loyalty of the United States zone, which together with Mexico, Panama and Honduras, Consacaf's production in the World Cup next year.

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