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A Ministry of Health Uruguayan confirmed a new case of measles

The Minister for Public Health of Uruguay (MSP) confirmed this Thursday a new case for measles is a 51-year-old which connected to the Russian citizen with measles traveling to the country on 17 March.

This was explained to the newspaper by the southern director of health, Raquel Rosaswho stressed the patient it is not in a bad condition and are made "all epidemiological research“Assess what matters it might be from seeing it.

An MSP published a day ago the first issue about measles since 1999after the Uruguayan woman, who arrived from Buenos Aires on 17 March in the same boat as a Russian citizen with measles, the disease was infected.

Since the first issue appeared, t Uruguay has urged the people to be vaccinated against this disease and that they take appropriate care to stop the measles.

This one was on this Thursday find the third case the first disease was there.

“The public have responded very well, very well suited to finding out how they hold their qualifications, we have more vaccination and this means that the population is better and has fewer people. And he said: “People are very likely to get the disease,” he explained

The health director also said that there are many vaccination establishments there there is no danger that they could run out of doses for its citizens.

With regard to the number of people that the MSP communicates to know about the disease, Rosas celebrated that. there are 120 of the first case and 70 of the second.

“The epidemiology team works almost permanently every day. He has not communicated with people who have communicated with him"Rosas proved."

Moreover, he proved he is not too "health crisis“And that the public, quietly, should review their medical history to find out whether it is immunized or should they do so. T

An MSP report describes the symptoms of measles, such as fever, skin rash, meningitis and respiratory symptoms, so it is advisable to see the doctor if they have these features.

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