Alert in Los Cabos; 220 bones have been found

Fortunately they are controlled issues, they said in an interview with the authority of the sanitary authority 4, Andrés Flores Gómez.

Jorge Mendoza Ruiz

San José del Cabo.- Having reported that more than 220 cases of wear have been found in the last months of the area, the hygiene authority of 4 Andrés Flores Gômez commanded everyone with a cough for more. and three weeks. check your corresponding clinic and avoid any problems, especially if you have an infection.

A global treat is a disease that causes bacteria, it attacks different organs, but throwing the most common organs is that it affects the body t body parts such as depression and section.

It is important to find the virus to prevent the patient's death, as it can be found at a time that can be gradually controlled. Flores Gomez said the trust has attacked doing preventative activities, with the aim of finding people with a cough for more than a month of evolution.

Once identified, they will be directed to the health units and the inspections, which contain a sample of a phlegm, to detect the bacteria that cause them, "he said.

In all the health centers in sovereignty 4, as well as in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health, Social Security and Issste, issues that may occur at the same time as wearing symptoms, such as coughs, are investigated. for more than a month. , inflicted fever in the night, along with persecution in long cases and weight loss, he said.

People present with smoking are being confirmed on AIDS, as these patients can show it with their tuberculosis, but there may be HIV infection there, the health officer said. T

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