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Allison Mack, Smallville series actor and disciple Keith Raniere, are guilty of being guilty of hiring a woman for the Nxivm sect

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In April 2018 Allison Mack bid without offense.

The American actor Allison Mack admitted guilty to costs associated with the human trafficking network.

Attended to the federal court in Brooklyn, New York, Son guilty of allegations of assault and crime relating to alleged crime t a branch of Nxivm slave slaves.

Mack confessed that he wanted to attract women by promising to get involved in a women's leadership group.

  • Nxivm, the invisible self-help group, whose director was arrested in Mexico and taken from the United States. known as "sex slave"

"I must accept him With full responsibility for my darling, "said the actor. t

Last year the accused said "in exchange for that, Mack had both financial and other benefits."

Mack, famous for his part in the American television series Smallville, which is one of the six people who deal with criminal offenses as part of the Nxivm investigation.

What is Nxivm?

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It is thought that Keith Raniere has created the group.

Nxivm, known as "nexium", is a group created in 1998 as a self-help program that says it worked with over 16,000 people, including Emiliano Salinas Occelli, one He is the son of the former Mexican President of Carlos Salinas of Gortari (1988-1994), and Hollywood actors such as Mack.

On its website, Nxivm is displayed as "community is driven by human principles which aims to empower people and answer important questions about what it means to be human. ” t

  • The rich heir who set aside to fund the "sect" Nxivm, who was suspected of having "sex slaves".

According to the organisation's website, it stopped recording and events due to the "exceptional circumstances the company currently faces."

The prosecution claims that the group operated on a pyramid scheme, which required members to pay thousands of dollars for courses in order to move the structure of the organization.

What was Allison Mack's place?

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“I have to take full responsibility for my behavior,” Mack said to the court.

The group is believed to be the head of the group Keith Raniereand Mack was one of his main supporters.

For a number of years, Raniere, 57 years (also known as "Vanguardia", a term that identifies that person within the structure), and their group is criticized.

Following the publication in 2017 of a series of certificates of women who had left the group in the newspaper There's a 39; New York Timesthe federal authorities examined where they interviewed “witnesses and victims” associated with Nxivm.

According to history Raniere's initial letters were collected and it was expected that they would carry sex with it as part of a "slave system".

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The group's members have been identified by a supervisor, usually in a palace area.

"Allison Mack hire women to be part of an attractive women's group, who created and led it, in fact," Richard Donoghue, East Fiscal whist, New York, said " t last year's statement

Tell Mack to the court that Raniere had asked him to put it together threatened material and images of two women in the organization to threaten the disclosure of public images about disclosure of the secret society.

“I thought Keith Raniere wanted to help people,” Mack said.I was wrong"

  • TV presenter Smallville Allison Mack is set aside for selling sex and collecting women for the Nxivm section

The FBI included Raniere in Mexico in March 2018. It protected sexual relationships as a consensus.

In April 2018 Mack was published not guilty about costs which included sex trading, attempting to trade for sex and emergency work.

Now he needs to wait for the sentence, registered in September.

He has a prison sentence of up to 20 years for each of the two costs.

Last month the group's co-founder added Nancy Salzman, 65, also admitted that he was guilty of organized crime charges. Her reminiscences will be known in July.

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