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America and Miguel Herrera learned the lesson # 39; against Juarez in the Copa MX

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The final! T Bravos de Juárez they were surprised to destroy him America in the The eighth finals a & # 39; Copa MX in the Stadium Azteca, that's why they look again again in the future Final visit of the same competition, t Miguel Herrera He said he learned the lesson.

“The lesson is that we should achieve this Cup and in a penalty we leave, it was a hard blow; at the end we took away the title League and today we will bring a whole team more fully, "said the strategy.

"They have stolen teams. T The first departmentit's a strong team and it's a place to be first of all Sometimes Cup deliver unpublished Finals and how good it is Ascent and one of it first of all who is Final visit meaning Cup It has meaning. "

To win this competition Copa MX, the Eagles They have been breaking tart for over 40 years and they continue to become the biggest club the competition is, as well as themselves. League and Concacaf.

"Remember this Cup they stopped and America has not been in some competitions to compete Concacaf and winning it will be important. He feels that he's going to be the winner and not because we are going to go into the past, but because he thinks he will get out there and tomorrow will be the biggest. We will try again.

"The America that it conforms to everything and repeats that it is good to be taking this competition, I don't like it twice a year because it would be more proficient at the competition. But we are obviously going to go with it and when you don't get it as it is, it is just a failure and we have to go out and win. It won't be easy, "he said. t Mouse.

On the other hand, he was questioned about his situation Bruno Marioni in this end square Malicious of it Cup, where he hit a beat with an amateur man.

“We don't think of that, people are behaving and it was an event and not swallow doing summer, finding out that it has been woken up as it has happened to me, but we're not he said, ”he said.

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